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Coptic Christians fight for place in Egypt's political scene
By Sarah Lynch, Special for USA TODAY The streets of Garbage City, home to the Zabaleen, are packed with pedestrians and trucks moving recyclable goods. By Sarah Lynch, USA TODAY CAIRO – Father Alfons Marzou shuffles across a complex that is home to ...
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Obama to be Pressed on Cuba & Illicit Drugs at Summit of the Americas
Fox News
Instead, Obama will aim to highlight issues that are more politically palatable back home, namely the prospect of Latin America as a growth market for US businesses. The White House says 40 percent of US exports are to the Western Hemisphere.
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Analysis: Fat cat Italian politicians dodge Monti's austerity
Monti, a technocrat who relies on party politicians to get his austerity policies through parliament, recently issued a decree which will prevent public servants earning more than US President Barack Obama. Many now earn considerably more.
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Spare us the tears, Ken: weeping politicians fail to move us (blog)
By Cristina Odone Politics Last updated: April 11th, 2012 It was almost exactly a year ago that the Deputy PM told us of how he blubs whenever he listens to music. The admission, made in an interview, was calculated to have us feel sympathy for that ...
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His competition set, Obama to engage more directly on Romney; contours of ...
Chicago Tribune
In a sign of the bitter fight ahead, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina went after Romney the day the race was joined: "The more the American people see of Mitt Romney, the less they like him and the less they trust him." The Obama campaign followed ...
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In Afghanistan, who follows Hamid Karzai?
Washington Post
Americans are clamoring to speed up the 2014 security transition in Afghanistan so that US troops can come home sooner. But the buzz in Kabul is about the political transition to a post-Karzai government — and whether that handover should be ...
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Santorum Out, Evangelicals Edge Closer to Romney, but Warily
New York Times
Mr. Perkins said Mr. Santorum had vaulted into conservative favor because "he passionately articulated the connection between America's financial greatness and its moral and cultural wholeness" and recognized that "the economy and the family are ...
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New York Times

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American Politics and the Structure of Betrayals | Religion and Other ...
By Peter Berger
American Politics and the Structure of Betrayals. Peter Berger. When the nice people at The American Interest invited me to start a blog on religion, they said that, if so moved from time to time, I could write on other topics. Mostly I have not been ...
Religion and Other Curiosities
Abu Muqawama: After a Decade of War, U.S. ... - World Politics Review
By (Andrew Exum)
A few months ago, I penned an essay for a WPR feature issue arguing that the U.S. Army was adrift as it transitioned out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In terms of the Army's direction, that remains the case. But if the Army is unmoored ...
World Politics Review: Articles
EA WorldView - Home - US Politics Analysis: Santorum Drops Out ...
By Lee Haddigan
On Tuesday afternoon, Rick Santorum suspended his campaign to become the Republican nominee for this November's US Presidential election. His effective withdrawal from the race --- while his run is suspended, Santorum can still raise ...
EA WorldView
US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Santorum proves 'Weakness is ...
By Myrddin
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal/Democratic/progressive perspective.
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
Why Politics Can't Make Us Better | Aaron Ross Powell
By prnadmin
If politics makes us worse, why would we ever want more politics? The libertarian answer is that we don't. By limiting the sphere of politics—by...
Progressive Radio Network | Progressi...

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Rick Santorum ends his presidential bid - US politics live | World ...
Rick Santorum end his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination - live coverage.

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