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The Five Cardinal Sins of Progressive Activists
Huffington Post
In fact, so have most who work in advocacy, whether they are progressive, conservative, or located somewhere else along the political spectrum. We live in a world that too often values conflict over solutions, and loud voices over wise ones.
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Van Jones: 'Progressives Have Another Century to Win!'
RollingStone.com (blog)
I was just appalled that so many progressives were criticizing them (this was behind the scenes, on listservs)—their lack of messaging, how they looked, that kind of thing. And I just felt that these young people—young and struggling people—had done ...
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RollingStone.com (blog)
ALEC: No More Social Issues
The American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-backed conservative-leaning group that creates model legislation, is promising to focus only on economics in the wake of a massive progressive campaign targeting the group and its sponsors.
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LVS increases to 53 progressive jackpot systems
Macau Daily Times
DEQ Systems, a leading provider of table game 'bonusing', progressive jackpot and table game linking solutions, announced that the Las Vegas Sands Group has added an additional 15 G3-i3 progressive systems for a total of 53 while at the same time ...
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National push targets Cuomo, NY campaign reform
Wall Street Journal
The effort that national groups including MoveOn.org, Progressives United and Demos are launching Wednesday is meant to push the Democrat as he considers a campaign finance reform bill he said he'll present to the state Legislature.
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Multiple Tax Day Events, This Time on the Progressive Side
This year, however, while the Tea Party founders, groups affiliated with the 99% Spring, the labor and progressive-based complement to the Occupy movement, will gather in over 40 states to call for economic justice and tax equity.
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Can I have your autograph?
Santa Monica Daily Press
These powers were given to us by the founders of the original progressive movement — not to be confused with the far left "progressives" of today. The true progressives, including Hiram Johnson who served as California's governor from 1911 to 1917, ...
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Kincaid: Wolf Blitzer Should Apologize to Allen West
Blitzer also ignored clear and convincing evidence that the Communist Party USA, once funded by Moscow, regards the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Party as allies in the "struggle" for socialism in the US "What's the difference ...
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"After Pounding From Progressives, ALEC Backs Off Of Social ...
By Rick Hasen
"We are eliminating the ALEC Public Safety and Elections task force that dealt with non-economic issues, and reinvesting these resources in the task forces that focus on the economy. The remaining budgetary and economic issues will be ...
Election Law Blog
Deja vu for Alberta's Progressives | Comment | London Free Press
The similarities between Kim Campbell and Alison Redford are startling.
London Free Press - Comment
West: I don't regret whatsoever my comments about progressives ...
By The Right Scoop
You can't say it's paranoia or a conspiracy theory when there is a U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus. These are Communists. The Progressives are communist/socialist/ state-ists. It's not a theory any more. These foul, corrupt, perverted ...
The Right Scoop

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Allen West Rips Lid Off Congressional Progressive Caucus' Real ...
The left had a fit after Rep. Allen West of Florida implied that there were boatloads of communists on Congress. Well, maybe not, but his charges can't be ...
Progressives bring ALEC to their knees by 'going after companies ...
Comedian Jimmy Dore and Progressive Change Campaign Committee's Neil Sroka continue the Power Panel discussion about progressive group Color Of ...

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