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As Gas Prices Cast Cloud, Obama Calls for Scrutiny on Market
New York Times
In remarks in the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama, flanked by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, chided Republicans who have been calling for increased American production to tamp down prices. "There are politicians ...
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New York Times
Dark political satire "Veep" takes aim at Washington
"Veep", which premieres on Sunday and in a US presidential election year, sees Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing Meyer - a once rising star in an undefined political party who suddenly finds herself US vice president, only to discover the job was everything ...
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Summit of the Americas: Despite Political Arguments We Are Getting Closer As A ...
Huffington Post (blog)
The Summit of the Americas in the historic Colombian city of Cartagena ended Sunday, with North, Central and South America's most privileged and powerful united by their desire for economic growth but divided by politics and ideology.
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Obama's oil market plan more politics than substance
msnbc.com (blog)
Check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. President Obama pushed Congress to give oil market regulators more muscle to deter price manipulation by speculators. Watch his entire statement. By John W. Schoen, Senior Producer President Obama's call ...
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Union rift with US Democrats? That is so last year
Chicago Tribune
"We've seen in the last year nothing but attacks on working people," said Michael Podhorzer, the AFL-CIO's political director. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which has been battling Republican state governments over ...
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Samantha Bee Talks 'Good God,' US Politics And Praying For Her
Huffington Post
But down here [in the US] people seem to accept it more ... in a totally unusual way. I mean, when I first immersed myself in all of that stuff, I couldn't believe politicians were talking about [religion]. It just seemed so .
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Karl Rove's American Crossroads GPS Rakes in $76M
ABC News (blog)
While Crossroads GPS does not control how that money is spent, and while those groups do engage in political activity, those groups are subject to the same stipulations over campaign-politics and issue-advocacy. Together, American Crossroads and ...
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First Lady Michelle Obama: Supreme Court at stake in election
ABC News
"This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light," she said in a speech at a rally in Nashville. "I hope you all are fired up and ready to go." Her comments came as Washington awaited a ruling from the nine justices on whether her ...
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Romney Critique of War Policy Gets Closer Look
New York Times
He says Mr. Obama has undercut American interests by setting timetables for withdrawing troops, providing the Taliban — who displayed their resilience with attacks over the weekend — further reason to wait things out. He called Defense Secretary Leon ...
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New York Times
White House plans to tackle oil prices - US politics live
The Guardian
The only thing that I can suggest is that two years, four years, is an eternity in an American political life. Let's see what things are like in 2014 and maybe I can find some opportunity. 11.39am: Well that's it – a fairly abrupt end by President ...
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The Guardian

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Politics of Poverty: Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy ...
By Guest Blogger
This post was written by Jeffrey Buchanan, senior domestic policy advisor at Oxfam America. Faith and fishing: two central parts of Louisiana's vibrant coastal culture. Every April, going back generations, you can see them intersect in a ...
Politics of Poverty: Ideas and...

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The Q&A + US politics | Life and style | The Guardian
The Q&A + US politics ... Show five more…… US unemployment and employment data · Financial crisis · Global recession · Oil · Global economy ...

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