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Arizona v. US: Politics to Test Justices Again (Washn)
The court has considered President Barack Obama's health-care law, has taken its first look at the political redistricting battles being fought across the nation and will decide whether federal regulators still hold the authority to police the nation's ...
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Charles W. Colson, Watergate Felon Who Became Evangelical Leader, Dies at 80
New York Times
... much of the rest of his life ministering to prisoners, preaching the Gospels and forging a coalition of Republican politicians, evangelical church leaders and Roman Catholic conservatives that has had a pronounced influence on American politics.
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New York Times
Seeking 7th Senate Term, Hatch Faces Primary in Utah
New York Times
SANDY, Utah — United States Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a six-term Republican who had been targeted for elimination by Tea Party groups, survived a test from nine challengers at his party's state convention here on Saturday, but failed to win the ...
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'Presidential' vs. 'Political' Trips: A Blurry Line, and Tricky Math
New York Times
"You're kind of left in the position of, 'Trust us; we're doing it right.' " Since Mr. Obama filed for re-election a year ago, he has taken 60 domestic trips, of which 26 included fund-raisers, according to Mark Knoller, a White House correspondent for ...
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New York Times
Contradiction where religion and US politics meet
These findings are important to America for two reasons. First, they tell us that, contrary to evidence in the United States, the intersection of religion and politics doesn't have to be fraught with hypocrisy. Britain is a Christian-dominated country, ...
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Groups Push for Naturalization Ahead of November Presidential Election
Fox News
"The fastest growing segment of the American electorate is the Latino vote, and within Latinos, we are seeing very rapid growth of immigrant voters," said Matt Barreto, a political science professor at the University of Washington.
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Down With Everything
New York Times
Fukuyama has been working on a two-volume opus called "The Origins of Political Order," and I could detect from his recent writings that his research was leading him to ask a very radical question about America's political order today, ...
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New York Times
Indo-US political-military dialogue useful: Tom Kelly
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: The United States has said that its first Political-Military dialogue with India in six years had covered a wide range of bilateral and regional issues. The two countries hold their first political-military dialogue in Delhi recently after ...
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CFO Jeff Atwater announces he will not run for US Senate
By Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor Republican Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced on Facebook Saturday that he will not jump into the US Senate race. "Only slightly a year into this role I continue to feel blessed to be serving as your ...
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In '72, EPA battled pollution; now it's politics
In this January 1973 photo released by the US National Archives trash and old tires litter the shore at the middle branch of the Patapsco River in the harbor of Baltimore, Md. This archival image was part of the "Documerica" project, begun in 1972 by ...
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U.S. Intellectual History: Born Again Politics
By L.D. Burnett
Did Colson and his fellow standard-bearers usher in something new in the American political landscape? Or was this an older politics born again? Was this Progressivism chasing its own tail? Or was this a hollowed-out Populism, hard-bitten, ...
U.S. Intellectual History
U.S. News - In '72, EPA battled pollution; now it's politics
By Dina Cappielo
WASHINGTON -- A polluted drainage ditch that once flowed with industrial waste from Lake Charles, La., petrochemical plants teems with overgrown, wild plants today. A light-rail line zips past the spot where a now-defunct Portland, Ore., ...
Newsvine - U.S. News - Articles
After "hard look," FL CFO Jeff Atwater decides he will not run for U.S. ...
By Marc Caputo
It costs too much money, too much political capital and too much time for risk-averse FL CFO Jeff Atwater to run for U.S. Senate (told yall this was not likely to happen, remember?). He announced today on Facebook that he...
Naked Politics
Rome speaks to us. Their example can inspire us to avoid their fate ...
By Fabius Maximus
The focus of his book is the dissimulation and hypocrisy that lay at the heart of Roman imperial politics, and had in a sense been the foundation of the governmental system established by Augustus. In making one-man rule work successfully at ...
Fabius Maximus
Hate politics? That's just what negative campaigns want — Politics ...
By UnBylined
If you asked Americans to identify the most noticeable change in U.S. politics over the past two decades, they'd probably answer that politics has become more polarized and that this has made it harder for the government to address the ...
Bangor Daily News

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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Romney supporter Nugent now ...
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