Monday, April 30, 2012

Is CityVille Secrets The Real Deal?

Now I have to admit, CityVille seems like a pretty straight forward and easy game at the beginning. I've always wondered why so people spend money on these guides. How hard could it be to build a virtual city? But as I went into the higher levels, It was a constant struggle to get more coins and cash to build things to keep my population happy. And leveling up wasn't as easy as the lower levels.

There were just so many options and ways to play the game. I tried a bit of everything which did not help me progress any faster. It was getting to the point where I almost gave up on the game. Then I thought, since I have already spent money buying City Cash, why not try out one of these guides. I did some business and purchased CityVille Secrets by Tony 'Tdub' Sanders.

It all changed from there. I no longer buy coins and cash to play the game. In fact, I am progressing faster than I was before. Leveling up seems easy now. The blue XP bar is increasing so fast now I didn't even thought it was possible. I usually check my city at least 5 times a day because I am simply in love with the game. But there are days where I won't be in front of my computer, I only check in once a day without missing out on much.

This guide opened my eyes on the possiblities I never imagined before. Their step by step guide on how to make money fast was perhaps the best part of the guide. I am now on level 28 and I have over 500,000 in coins! I just don't see how I can finish spending it. I'd recommend anyone playing the game to pick up a copy of CityVille Secrets. Instead of buying City Cash we can all now actually enjoy the game for free!


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