Monday, April 30, 2012

Joe the Plumber

Everyone in our little town knows and depends on Joe the plumber. He unclogs our toilets, rebuilds our sprinkler systems, puts-in our new water heaters, and, generally, if it's something with a pipe and water, we trust Joe to take care of it for us. No one ever stops to wonder who's taking care of Joe while Joe is taking care of us? But Joe is one smart cookie. He's as sharp with his business tools as he is with his wrenches. Joe and Amy, his daughter who runs his office, keep track of their business with their reverse phone-number look-up service. See, most folks, when they need Joe, the call in. Amy catches their phone numbers, punches those numbers right into the look-up, and has customers' names and addresses lickety-split. She can get all the information right out to her daddy in no time at all—perfectly accurate and detailed. Amy even can look-up the customers' addresses on mapquest or Google maps, getting turn-by-turn directions for him, and keeping him right on schedule. When Joe finishes a job, Amy sends the folks a little "thank you" note and a coupon for the next time. It's a nice little touch. Because Joe uses his time and his tools both skillfully and wisely, he does the work of two or three average plumbers, and his business is good. "I trust that reverse phone look-up service like I trust a good pipe wrench," Joe says. And we believe it. Now, think about it: If you run a small business, and most of your customers reach you over the phone, how do you keep track of all their information? How do you build a database of customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails? With just a telephone, a computer, and a reverse telephone look-up service, you have all the tools you need to deliver great service and build customers' loyalty.

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