Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photoshop Tools

These tools are great for adding that little extra special touch to your photographs.

The Dodge Tool

Use this tool to lighten dark areas, choose Shadows, Mid tones or Highlights and apply an exposure value. Choose an appropriate size brush and paint over the areas to be lightened – be careful not to over apply the strokes otherwise the brushed image area will start to wash out. The default setting is 50%, try a lower value with a soft edged brush for a subtle effect.

The Burn Tool

Similar in operation as the Dodge tool, but this time the image areas are darkened. Apply short strokes rather than scrubbing, this way you can apply an undo. Here's a darkroom trick, darken the edges and corners of an image, this makes the central part stand out and it works on digital pictures too.

The Sponge Tool

This has two options, Saturate and desaturated. Brush over an area to intensify the colors or reduce them. The strength of both is determined by the flow value.

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