Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plus Size Clothing – Outrageous Wear

I have a question, and if anyone is able to answer it I would really appreciate it. I am confused about this whole plus size clothing thing on a couple different levels. First of all what chauvinist male came up with that name? Plus size just sounds so unflattering. Men don't have plus size clothing sections. No they just have bigger sizes. Or they can go to stores like Big and Tall. Just once I would like to see a plus sizes sign hanging over the men's section of the store.

Second exactly who and what determined what size constitutes a plus size? Does it vary from store to store? I honestly think someone just sat down one day and arbitrarily said anything over this size will be considered a plus size, and who cares about the women who have to shop in that section. I always thought the whole thing was a little humiliating. I mean most people are not proud of being on the larger side, but to have a whole different section of the store set aside with a big side hanging over it declaring you to be overweight must be humiliating.

The entire situation is only worsened by that fact that there seems to be a distinct lack of cute fashionable plus size clothing. So not only do you have to shop under a large sign declaring you to be overweight, but you also have to look over at the smaller section and realize how much cuter all those clothes are. Mostly it seems unfair.

Now don't get me wrong there are a few good stores that have nice plus size clothing. Lane Bryant is one for example that has some really nice stuff, however the majority of stuff I see out there looks at least 5 years old and not like something anyone would be rushing to buy.


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