Monday, April 30, 2012

What Is The Clone Stamp Tool?

The Cloning Stamp Tool does exactly what its name implies. Using this tool, you can copy a portion of an image and reapply it repeatedly to cover an unwanted portion of the image. The example below shows a telephone pole in the original image; the Clone Stamp Tool enabled us to cover the telephone pole with the surrounding grass, weeds and sky and create a new image that does not contain the telephone pole.

To use the cloning stamp:

1) Select the Clone Stamp Tool from the toolbox.

2) On the Options bar across the top of the screen, select the brush size and type of brush you want to use:

(Click the arrow on the upper right corner of the brush palette to see a menu for extended brush options.)

3) Move the cursor over the image to the area you would like to reproduce elsewhere.

4) Hold down the Alt key and click to select the area to clone from.

5) When you release the mouse, the brush will appear on the image in the shape of the brush selected. Crosshairs will appear over the area to be reproduced and move with the brush.

6) Click repeatedly or drag the mouse to reproduce the pattern.

Tip: the Clone Stamp Tool is easier to use when you zoom in on the desired area. Also, work with small sections at a time in order to create a more realistic-looking image.

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