Monday, April 30, 2012

When You Have A Blender, Who Needs A Stove?

I do not remember the last time that I used the stove. But I have a great excuse. The only thing I know how to heat up is a teabag. The downside? I eat out every day and the quality of the nutrition I put into my body is not nearly as good as I know it ought to be.

This is why Carolyn Hansen's book looks so appealing to me. Now the truth is, even though I know I could benefit from eating these amazingly mouth-watering delights, I probably never will. Why? Because I am lazy, and the idea of having to go to the store to get ingredients, put them in a blender, and then simply pour them out onto a tray seems like a lot of work to me. But you might not be as lazy as I am, and you might be prepared to take a couple of steps to eat healthy snacks rather than the store-bought items that are poisioning me.

Well, posioning might be too strong a word. Still, we all know that the sugar, butter, and other chemical additives that fill traditional snacks are doing none of us any favors. They all contribute in the long run to obsesity and other chronic diseases associated with poor nutrition. This is why when someone comes up with a set of healthy food alternatives we should all take notice, rather than continue to be lazy like I am. I am going to suffer the consequences of my actions, I have no doubt. But that does not mean that you need to do the same.

At least I hope you do not. At the very least, do me a favor and go have a look at the recipe book that Carolyn is offering on her site. If you take a glance at that Strawberry Fields Forever cheesecake alternative, or the Carob Fudge, and you still don't bite (ha ha) then I will know that I did my bit to help your ward off the coronary disease or the hypertension that likely will catch up with you one of these days. Assuming you eat as poorly as I do, that is. You don't, do you?

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