Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Needs a Guide for Starcraft 2?

Every time a new game hits the market, there seems to be a guide that goes with it – providing a bevy of tools and strategies to help players get better at the game and master the multiplayer aspects. This is exactly what has happened with Starcraft 2 – the newest and deepest of Blizzard's long line of RTS games (including Starcraft and Warcraft).

If you're anything like me, you want to be the best whenever you step into a PC game's multiplayer mode. But, with a game like Starcraft 2, it can take a LOT of time to get there. You must be ready to invest hours into getting your but whooped time and again.

That's where the guides come along, promising to provide a huge array of strategies and tools to help you be much better than most of the newbies out there. Of course, no guide can promise and deliver on getting you to Diamond status overnight, but the idea is sound – you learn how to play the game like a pro, and eventually you'll start doing it.

So, what about , STARCRAFT 2 SECRETS? What does it offer that makes it unique in the eyes of strategy readers everywhere? To start with, these are not recycled strategies from Starcraft or the forums. You'll find original ideas and methods for defeating your foes in here every time.

That doesn't mean the classics aren't here. You'll still be rushing zerglings and walling off your Terran base, but you'll also be building high ground, using your scouts, maneuvering your army and outthinking your foes.

I don't often admit to needing a guide for a game, but with Starcraft 2, I really needed something that would help me stand out from my opponents and be one of the better players on It wasn't going to happen overnight unless I got some help.

So I did, and you should too – before everyone else finds out what I already did.

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