Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Basics of Learning How to Play Cityville

Cityville has become the most popular social networking game over the internet today that is why new players are looking for tips on how to play Cityville to give them more insight and effective strategies before they check out the game for themselves. A lot of websites are publishing various how-to guides, and in keeping with tradition, here are several tips to help you on your way to building your own city with success.

The first thing that you should know about how to play Cityville before even constructing your first building is to have a plan for everything. You have to know where you should position your buildings or establishments to maximize the space allotted to your city in its initial stages. Plan ahead as to which buildings should be constructed where and make adjustments if necessary to accommodate each structure. Having a well-planned city can earn you more coins and cash, and this is because you gain more experience faster.

Once you have settled and established your first building, you can then proceed to plan which businesses you can put up. This is a very important move in playing Cityville especially if you're just in the initial stages. Make sure that you set up businesses that provide you with larger revenue than most, as this will determine how much coin and cash you can generate each time your businesses turns up a profit. This will also increase the rate by which you level, therefore allowing you to unlock more businesses and buildings to make your city prosper.

Another tip on how to play Cityville is to complete all your goals as early as possible. This will enable you to charge up on energy sooner and complete other goals during the day. Learn to prioritize the tasks that need the most attention and get them done before the menial jobs.

Perhaps the most important tip on playing Cityville is to get as many neighbors as you can since these people can help you with your goals and with the management of your community buildings. Don't forget to return the favor by sending out gifts regularly and you'll surely be able to grow your city with success. Neighbors are very valuable in the development of your city, and you should learn to appreciate the role that they play and give them back some of the courtesy that they deserve. Once you get these tips on how to play Cityville down pat, you'll have no problems in building the most successful city among your friends.


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