Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Root of Success in Mafia Wars

Warcraft There are so many people playing Mafia Wars with so many different styles of play that it might seem impossible to become one of the truly good ones who are capable of knocking off his or her opponents with ease and practiced skill. Yet, there are some very specific things you can do that, if done properly, will help you be successful at the game no matter what your play style is.

Building Your Mafia

Your mafia is the single most important thing for you success in this game. If you want to do well, make sure you have a decent sized collection of family members even as you just get started. This can be done easily enough by contacting all your friends, going to blogs and swapping mafia members with other mafias on forums. Never spend your Godfather points on getting new members however. It's not worth it.

Getting Godfather Points

Godfather points are the root of all success in this game. The attack power and defensive boosts you get from loading up on these points is enough to help you take on enemies 50 or 100 levels higher than you. That kind of power up is almost impossible to come by any other way. The key here is not to spend cash on these or to give away your real contact info to the special offers that the game wants you to fill out. Rather, use a fake email address and sign up for as many that don't require credit card numbers as possible.

Playing Every Day

If you play the game every day you can do a tremendous job of tapping your energy when it is available and getting the most out of your account. Additionally, you can play the lottery daily and get a much better rate of return on your Godfather points. You don't need to play hours a day, but a 10 minute login every day will do wonders for your play.

If you do these things, are ruthless with your opponents and never fall behind in the game, you will quickly find that you can blast your way to the top of the Mafia Wars hierarchy without having to pay any extra cash, or wheedle any favors out of your fellow players. Just play well, be careful and build your mafia quickly. Those are the secrets to success.


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