Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can Tea Tree Oil Treat Angular Cheilitis?

When it comes to treating Angular Cheilitis people have come up with different treatments over the time. Homemade recipes and medicines were combined in offering the ultimate treatment that will relieve people of the pain they felt when opening their mouth and of the embarrassment they had to face when going out of the house. Yet, until now their attempts only offered some relief, not a complete cure.

One of those wonder treatments promoted by many people was tea tree oil. Well known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, the tea tree oil seemed to be the perfect remedy for Angular Cheilitis. With proven successes in treating acne, the tea tree oil had given people lots of hopes that this will be the treatment they have long waited for. So, studies have been made and many people tried this type of treatment on their faces and surprise: it really worked. The pus disappeared and the lesions started to heal. This was by far the best treatment for Angular Cheilitis which had been found.

Yet, after a period of time the people who have tested this type of treatment starting experiencing side effects. Among the most common such side effects one could remember diarrhea, weakening of the immune system, hormonal imbalances. Pregnant women or those who breastfed their babies were prohibited from taking it after these side effects appeared. In addition to that, it was reported that some of the boys who have taken the tea tree oil treatment have suffered enlargements of their breasts.

In addition to that, when the Angular Cheilitis appeared for the second time in persons which have undergone the treatment with tea tree oil, this solution was no longer working so another treatment had to be used in order to relieve the pain and help the skin heal faster.

Thus, tea tree oil, in spite of the great substances it contains, must not be used for treating Angular Cheilitis for two reasons: first it has serious side effects and secondly, the disease gets resistant to it the second time it appears, so you will only make the disease stronger without effectively treating it.

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