Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crack Frontierville Cheat Codes and Become the Ultimate Landlord

Cheating is not always bad—at least in the very popular Facebook application Frontierville.

Frontierville is the hottest thing online. Millions of people who use the social networking site Facebook have found this Zynga game a lot more fun and better than its counterparts. As a matter of fact, Frontierville has already reached 5 million users in only 2 weeks and is now at 32 million!

This goes to show how good this application is.

Frontierville is similar in a number of things with Farmville, another hugely popular Zynga game. The objective of the game is to convert and develop a plot of land overrun with weeds and unwanted trees into a productive plantation. You will need to make sure that animals like chickens are fed regularly and that you tend and harvest your crops at the right time.

You will also be required from time to time to finish specific tasks, like building cabins or finding lost sheep which you should feed. There are corresponding gold coins, bonuses, and energy for every task you finish.

However, due to initial energy limits, finishing required tasks may become a challenge. The most common problem Frontierville players experience is they run out of energy bars during tasks. Since you will have a limited amount of energy, you will need to conserve it for more important tasks. This means you shouldn't start clearing rocks and cutting down trees until you are notified because if you do, then you'll run out of energy right away and you won't be able to finish your farm duties.

What most players do is to wait for days until their energy is replenished and then go back to perform their tasks. But that would be a total waste of time! Why wait when there is a way to increase not only your energy but gold coins and experience as well?

Hardcore fans and players have come across a code that allows them to go around this kind of problems. And it works! A lot of new players have already managed to triple their gold coins and sustain their energy in performing farm duties without having to wait for days.

As a result, they were able to speedily cultivate their land, harvest crops, raise animals, build properties, and invite neighbors to do work for them.

Wouldn't you want to do the same? With the ultimate Frontierville cheat code from FrontierVille Secrets, made by a fan for fans, you will become the ultimate landlord sooner than you think.


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