Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chronic Sinus

There are times when we feel extremely tired. Our cold doesn't seem to go away. The medication we are taking for our common cold is not working. Our sense of taste and smell has gone awry. The whole world seems to go wrong. These are some the chronic sinus infection symptoms. Every year, people world over spend huge amounts of money on common cold medicines trying to cure a chronic sinus. Only a visit to a doctor and maybe an X-ray can confirm that a person has sinus.

There are four main sinus cavities in the body. They are located on either side of the nose, behind and in-between the eyes, and in the forehead. Each sinus cavity has an opening into the nose for the exchange of air and mucous. When the cavities get filled with mucous it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Sinus infection is caused by inflammation or infection in the sinus cavities. Chronic sinus infection symptoms occur mostly in cases where people already have a history of asthma and other allergies like allergy from pollen grains.

A chronic sinus infection is an advanced stage of sinus which lasts for at least three weeks. Most sinus infections can be cured by medication like antibiotics, nasal sprays and other medication. Some people suffering from chronic sinus infection symptoms may also need to undergo surgery.

Apart from the normal symptoms of sinus like a constant headache, fatigue, swelling around the eye area, one of the chronic sinus infection symptoms is slow fever. Chronic sinus can also cause slurred or double vision at times.

People with chronic sinus also have thick nasal secretions that are yellowish green, or blood-tinged. These secretions are also referred to as post nasal drip. They drip to the back of the throat. Sinus also leads a general feeling of fullness on the entire face.

Some more symptoms of chronic sinus are jarring pain in the teeth, eyes and head. In all cases i.e. in case of a headache or a toothache, the pain increases on bending down.

Certain protective measures can also be taken by people who have a history of chronic sinus infection symptoms. Using a humidifier and cleaning the nose properly everyday can reduce chances of future occurrence of sinus infection.

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