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Conservatives seek to quash robo-call court challenge
Globe and Mail
Seven Conservative MPs are moving to quash a legal bid to force new elections in their ridings, arguing there is no proof that misleading phone calls unfairly swayed the results in their favour in last year's campaign. The motions from the Conservative ...
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Globe and Mail
Dems use conservatives' words against Romney in attacks
Reuters Blogs (blog)
Romney's Record," features some of the most strident conservative voices to have waged failed presidential runs. Texas Governor Rick Perry is shown calling the brand of capitalism Romney practiced at Bain Capital "vulture capitalism," in which ...
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The Conservative Fantasy History of Civil Rights
New York Magazine
This is a salutary development, but a problematic one for conservatives, who are the direct political descendants of (and, in the case of some of the older members of the movement, the exact same people as) the strident opponents of the civil rights ...
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New York Magazine
Are Conservatives Too Logical?
Daily Beast
He writes that "free enterprise is a matter of the heart even more than the head" and that conservatives aren't doing a good enough job of making emotional appeals that win arguments. "Maybe you're like me, maybe you're the only conservative in your ...
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Daily Beast
Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case
Conservative MPs are asking the federal court to dismiss an application to review the federal election results in seven ridings. Seven MPs have submitted documents arguing the applications for judicial review were filed too late and don't contain ...
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Illinois conservatives defeat anti-bullying measure, citing gay `agenda'
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. • The Illinois Senate today turned down a bill that would have encouraged anti-bullying programs in schools, after conservatives argued that such programs could be used as a front to promote homosexuality. "There are anti-bullying ...
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Conservatives resolved against gay marriage
Bryan College Station Eagle
By ADAM GELLER AP A family of six escaped unharmed Sunday when an afternoon fire destroyed their Bryan home. HOUSTON — Colby Lewis allowed four hits in eight-plus innings and drove in two runs, and the Texas Rangers took a five-run lead in the first ...
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State Senate rejects anti-bullying bill amid conservative fears it is 'pro ...
Chicago Sun-Times
Some conservatives feared the bill would be used as cover to indoctrinate students. The Illinois Family Institute lobbied for an "opt out" provision that would let students and teachers skip any lessons or events that violated their religious beliefs.
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Marco Rubio's Imaginary Republican Party Is Fiscally Conservative
The Atlantic
You'll frequently hear fiscal conservatives rail against President Bush's massive expansion of Medicare. Is there any prospect of the GOP repealing it? After insisting on a deficit-reduction deal or automatic sending cuts as a condition of raising the ...
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The Atlantic

Blogs5 new results for Conservatives
Why are conservatives defending a billionaire who abandoned ...
By The Week
Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, widely derided for renouncing his U.S. citizenship before the company's lucrative IPO, is finding powerful allies on the Right.
The Week: Most Recent Home Page Posts
A plain blog about politics: In Which Conservatives Get Their Own ...
By Jonathan Bernstein
National Review's Kevin Williamson has a new article about the parties' historical positions on civil rights, which I guess is a preview of an upcoming book which I guess is going to make the argument that the point of the Great Society was to ...
A plain blog about politics
Joe. My. God.: Why Conservatives Are Sweet, Part Two
By Joe
JMG: Blog Year Nine JoeMyGod@gmail.com. Gay culture, short stories, politics, and fabulous disco trivia. Follow JMG on Twitter! Facebook page. RSS Feed. Previous Posts. SUNDAY: Protest Against NC Pastor · Romney Camp Jumps On ...
Joe. My. God.
Theo Spark: Conservatives Fight Back Against Leftist Intimidation
By Donald Douglas
My previous entries are here: "Criminal Attacks on Conservative Bloggers: Update on Brett Kimberlin Intimidation Network," and "Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin and the Left's Political (and Criminal) Intimidation Network." Lots of activities in ...
Theo Spark
Reagan's Blood For Sale, Conservatives Outraged, Hollywood ...
By Don Hamel
A vial of blood, reportedly belonging to Ronald Reagan, shed during his 1981 assassination attempt, is up for sale. An online auction house is offering up the vial, with authentication, with recent bidding going over $12000. John Heubusch ...
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