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Conservatives worry that John Roberts will 'go wobbly' on 'Obamacare'
Los Angeles Times
By Michael McGough Some conservatives are in a mild panic about the possibility that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. will succumb to pressure from Democrats and the liberal media to uphold "Obamacare." This from a Wall Street Journal editorial: "You ...
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How Conservatives Can (Try to) Stop Romney From Governing Like Bush
The Atlantic
By Conor Friedersdorf A new e-book from an unusually forthright conservative advises the right on how it can avoid the mistakes of 2001 to 2008. As the American right shifts from doubting whether Mitt Romney would make a good president to championing ...
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Gay marriage: Conservative MPs to get free vote
BBC News
Conservative MPs will be allowed a free vote on gay marriage, senior party sources have told the BBC. A formal consultation on how civil marriage will be reformed in England and Wales began earlier this year. Prime Minister David Cameron has personally ...
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BBC News
Conservative MP David Wilks breaks ranks and says budget bill should be split up
Toronto Star
Tonda MacCharles Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA—A Conservative backbench MP has publicly broken ranks with the government and said the massive budget omnibus bill should be split up — but says he is powerless to change it. David Wilks (Kootenay—Columbia) told ...
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US Neo-Conservatives Assail Possible Compromise on Iran Talks
Inter Press Service
By Jim Lobe* WASHINGTON, May 23, 2012 (IPS) - As at least two days of talks on the future of Iran's nuclear programme got underway in Baghdad Wednesday, neo-conservatives and other hawks escalated their campaign against any compromise agreement, ...
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Tory MP's candid comments caught on camera suggest internal dissent over ...
National Post
OTTAWA — A Conservative MP says plenty of government backbenchers share opposition concerns about the wide array of controversial measures crammed into the massive budget implementation bill. But British Columbia MP David Wilks says there's nothing a ...
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National Post
John Ivison: Criticism by Conservative MP shows depth of unease over omnibus ...
National Post
The Conservative government's Russian doll budget legislation is starting to generate opposition from within its own ranks. David Wilks, the rookie MP for Kootney-Columbia, may be so back-bench he's in danger of falling off, yet he already knows long ...
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National Post
Jindal, social conservatives spike school sex survey proposal
Kathleen Benefield, from the conservative American Family Association of New Orleans, came to the witness table with Palmieri. The kind of surveys distributed by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- which Smith said should be a ...
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Conservative teen gets death threats after posting anti-gay marriage video
On Tuesday, she wrote a follow-up post discussing the comments, in which she called out the "haters" on the left, as well as her conservative supporters who responded in anger. "To the 'Conservatives' who have been commenting back to the trolls with ...
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Conservative Legislators Say Anti-Bullying Law Is 'Pro-Homosexual'
Conservative legislators in the Illinois State Senate rejected a bill creating detailed policies for handling bullying in schools because they fear the bill is "pro-homosexual." As proof of the bill's gay bias, the Illinois Family Institute points to ...
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Conservatives Trying to Rewrite the History of Civil Rights | Mother ...
By Adam Serwer
But conservative Republicans — those represented politically by Goldwater, and intellectually by William F. Buckley and National Review — did oppose the civil rights movement. Buckley wrote frankly about his endorsement of white ...
MoJo Blogs and Articles | Mother Jones
Why Conservatives Keep Beefing with the Military ...
By Heather Hurlburt
The rift between the U.S. military and the leadership of American conservatism has now become so broad that one issue area alone doesn't contain it. Today you had the spectacle of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs telling a U.S....
In the Romney era, Dems could be conservatives' best friends ...
By Philip Klein
If Mitt Romney is elected president, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could become conservatives' new best friends. Admittedly, that might be a bit of an exaggeration -- but only a bit. The ironic truth is that if congressional Democrats pursue an ...
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Conservatives Attempt to Rebrand 'Thurmond Rule' | ...
By Ryan Teague Beckwith
Conservative legal groups are trying to rename the tactic of slowing judicial confirmations to target a Democratic Senator. – Get informed,...
Anti-Bullying Bill Defeated by Illinois Conservatives Warning of Front ...
By Andy Towle
A bill that would have protected kids from bullying in Illinois schools was killed yesterday by the state Senate, the St. Louis Dispatch reports: "There are anti-bullying programs that have an agenda, to only protect one class of individuals," state.
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Essay on why conservatives hate English courses | Inside Higher Ed
If you didn't know any better, you might think that the main thing conservatives learn in college English classes is how to complain about college English classes.

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