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Greece conservatives get boost from Eurozone exit warnings
Los Angeles Times
A week after European officials and bankers sounded fresh warnings of a Greek exit from the Eurozone, five polls showed the conservative New Democracy party picking up support, slightly overtaking Syriza, the radical leftist group that shook Europe ...
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Greek conservatives warn of euro exit nightmare
By Karolina Tagaris | ATHENS (Reuters) - If Greece rejects the 130-billion-euro rescue package meant to dig it out of a debt crisis the country will be plunged into a nightmare that it cannot control, Greece's conservative leader Antonis Samaras said ...
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Greek conservatives leading in latest poll
ATHENS, May 31 (Reuters) - Greece's pro-bailout conservatives have a 1.8 percentage point lead over their leftist rivals, a poll showed on Thursday ahead of a repeat national election next month that could determine the country's future in the euro ...
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Greek conservatives promise lower taxes
ATHENS, Greece—Greece's conservatives on Thursday promised voters tax relief if they win a crucial general election, insisting that existing austerity measures can be made fairer, despite growing concern over the country's future in the euro.
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Greek Conservatives Lead In Poll Ahead Of June Elections
Wall Street Journal
By Nektaria Stamouli ATHENS (Dow Jones)--The Greek conservative pro-bailout New Democracy party is in the lead ahead of June 17 parliamentary elections, two polls showed Thursday. According to a survey conducted by Alco pollster for webpage, ...
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DOMA Ruling Is Test for Conservative Federalists
Daily Beast
Self-proclaimed federalists should be thrilled with the federal appeals court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act ... but they probably won't be, writes Jay Michaelson For years, conservative Republicans have touted the importance of ...
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Daily Beast
Greek pro-bailout conservatives have 2.5 point lead in poll
ATHENS (Reuters) - A new Greek opinion poll to be published on Friday showed the pro-bailout conservatives leading their leftist, anti-bailout rivals by 2.5 points, as Greece nears a key election on June 17. Backing for the conservative New Democracy ...
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Mohamed Morsi: Conservative pursues 'Islamic state' in Egypt
Globe and Mail
Just how conservative is that? Well, when the Brotherhood first began to organize a political party in 2007, Mr. Morsi drafted a model platform. It called for restricting Egypt's presidency only to Muslims and only to males.
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Globe and Mail

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Barney Frank: Conservative Opposition 'Retarded' Economy
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said conservative opposition "retarded" the economy. "The American economy today, of all the economies in the advanced nations in the world ... we're doing the best and we're doing the best because we're mixing ...
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Veepstakes: Conservatives (Still) Prefer Palin — GraniteGrok
By Mike
Conservative HQ ran a series of Polls over the last few weeks asking the question: "If Mitt Romney Picked X for Veep, would your reaction be?….." Favorable: "Would make me more likely to work and vote for the Republican.
Staten Island Conservatives pick slate, but omit North Shore ...
By Kiawana Rich
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Staten Island Conservatives made nominations for the fall state Legislature elections last night, but left their convention without endorsing a candidate to oppose Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-North Shore). Meeting ...
Staten Island Real-Time News
Are Conservatives Bad at Pop Culture? -
By Diane Ellis, Ed.
During the latest episode of the "Young Guns" podcast, we discussed an article by Erik Kain at American Times in which he argues that conservatives just can't do pop culture very well. "Conservative art mimics conservative politics rather than ...
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Conservatives Wrong On This One? | Daily Pundit
By Bill Quick
The conservative reax to this outcome has been fairly standard, for the most part: They hate it, and consider it a miscarriage of justice. With one hugh exception: Mark Levin is cheering the ruling, saying there was never a shred of evidence that ...
Daily Pundit

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