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Steve MacMillan: Progressives, Democrats are the divisive force
I suspect he may be a progressive liberal democrat. Stephen obviously does not care for the tea party. But they are not being apathetic when they get off the couch to get their candidates elected. They were apathetic until this president and the left ...
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Support two real progressives in next Tuesday's CA primary—Norman Solomon and ...
AMERICAblog (blog)
It's also to real progressives — to support real progressives. I've talked a lot about the need for progressives to get tough — even (and especially) with the Democratic Party. Here are two to support aggressively between now and the June 5 ...
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What Motivates The Progressive
United Liberty
One of the things that has always fascinated me is why progressives (I refuse to call them liberals because they're frankly illiberal) think the way they do. Part of the fascination has been partly “know thy enemy” and part of the fascination has been ...
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WILL: Wisconsin's Democrats seek a do-over
Rapid City Journal
This state, the first to let government employees unionize, was an incubator of progressivism and gave birth (in 1932 in Madison, the precursor of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) to its emblematic institution, ...
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Jane Wallace Claymore: Manchin, mining and Judd
Charleston Gazette
After musing aloud he wasn't sure if he could support our president, his party leader, he got attacked by Progressives. I laid off. I'm not a Democrat. I'm Independent. I quit the party years ago. So I sat back and watched. Then he got back into print, ...
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Purple miniskirt
Lee entered college in 1987 and was nicknamed "red rose of progressives," but embraces an outdated fashion reminiscent of that of a female student activist in the 1980s. Kim started college in 1999 and has a totally different style.
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Does money – or dirty sources – ruin politics?
Scholars and Rogues
Think: lemon law for progressives. Here stands our era's dilemma — will the majority “take back,” indeed restore our collective national assets, or will more get brazenly auctioned off to the highest bidder? Not so long ago, a more equitable balance ...
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The Tyranny of the Minority
Canada Free Press
It is perhaps ironic that legislation purporting to combat bullying is being advanced by the biggest bully of them all – government – as the progressives in Ontario are busy drafting Bill 13 to force Catholic schools to set-up “gay-straight alliance ...
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LETTER: Political machines threaten nation?
Ed provided us with a list that started with the “extreme far left liberal progressives.” Until I read Ed Knops letter last week, I didn't know so many groups were out to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Ed provided us with a list that started with the ...
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This 'Free Ad' From Fox News is Driving Progressives Batsh*t Crazy
By Donald Douglas
Captain Ed has a problem with such a partisan documentary mash-up being shown on a cable channel. But it doesn't bother me a bit. As I've long argued, the U.S. has reverted to the kind of "partisan press" we had around 1800. Media outlets ...
American Power

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COMMENTARY: Real progressives should support WI's Scott Walker
SACRAMENTO — A couple of years ago, before Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker became a recall target for his efforts to reform collective bargaining in his state, ...

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