Monday, May 7, 2012

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Embryonic stem cell 'success' a lie
But Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council (FRC) says that money was given because of the researcher's fabricated results. "He puts in a couple of grant proposals to the National Institutes of Health [NIH] where he claims that he's gotten ...
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Nebraska and the Limits of Compromise
Esquire (blog)
He's been backed up with tough TV ads by a number of conservative front groups and he spent the weekend on the Nebraska leg of a national "values" bus tour sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council.
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Is Pro-Life Cause Célèbre Chen Guangcheng Actually Pro-Life?
Religion Dispatches
... coercive population control regime: "Earlier this year American taxpayers funneled $35 mill to UNFPA, an outfit that supports policies Chen has sacrificed his safety fighting," tweeted Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on April 30.
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Clear and Percent Danger - Family Research Council
Clear and Percent Danger. The President's idea of turning religious groups into conscience-free zones isn't just unconstitutional, it's unpopular too! Despite ...
Family Research Council |
America has enemies. Not just abroad, but within our shores as well. And our domestic enemies, as it turns out, are MORE dangerous and destructive than the ...

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