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Islamic militants imposing religious rule in northern Mali
Austin American-Statesman
The Islamists have cut the signal for national TV broadcasts to the city because they consider the women not properly covered and don't approve of the station's music, he said. "No one can come here and tell us how to practice Islam," Haidara said.
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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi 'to be tried in remote mountaintop town'
The Libyan commander holding Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has declared he will stage a trial of the dictator's son in the remote mountaintop town where he has been held since his capture last November. By Damien McElroy, Zintan The International Criminal ...
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In northern Nigeria, Islamic police play matchmaker
The programme run by the Islamic sharia police in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, aims to match widows and divorcees with available men. Officials hope it will in part help curb unrest in the north, which has been hit by deadly ...
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Islamists strengthen grip over north Mali
Fox News
"No one came come here and tell us how to practice Islam," Haidara said. "Timbuktu has been Islamic since the 12th century and we have our own way of doing things." Down the road from one of Timbuktu's mosques, whose wooden doors are decorated with ...
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Wilders Rage Against Muslims Channeled in Dutch Euro Voter
San Francisco Chronicle
Now Wilders, who rose to international prominence in 2008 with his movie denouncing Islam, plans to turn September's elections into a vote on Dutch attitudes about Europe and the single currency. As the euro area faces up to recession and the highest ...
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Disabled memorizing Qur'an 'remarkable'
Chicago Tribune
"Saudi Arabia was founded on values of Islam. Islamic values basically are values that are far reaching in terms of issues of human rights, issues of family, issues of community, issues of economic and social tolerance and issues of equality.
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Shadia: Islam for enlightenment, liberation
Daily Pilot
By Mona Shadia There's been a storm of controversy in the Arab and Muslim community over a recent Foreign Policy magazine article. The essay, "Why Do They Hate Us?", outlines the atrocities many Arab women suffer at the hands of men.
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Religion news in brief
Fox News
(AP) — A prayer caucus being formed in the Michigan Legislature that specifically endorses Judeo-Christian tradition is drawing criticism for ignoring Islam and other religions. Lawmakers plan to launch the Michigan Legislative Prayer Caucus with ...
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Hannity Paints Anti-Islamic Extremist Geert Wilders As A Martyr – And Fear ...
News Hounds
But somehow, Hannity forgot to tell the "we report, you decide" network's viewers that Wilders is an anti-Islamic extremist. Instead, Wilders was painted as some kind of free-speech (Christian) martyr. Even worse, Hannity used the opportunity to ...
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Geert Wilders on Fox News - Hannity discusses Radical Islam
By Eric Dondero
Libertarian Republican is proud to announce we now have forums available for readers to start their own topics (in The Mosh Pit), post whatever they like, send comments, feedback and suggestions about the site and also get the latest news ...
Libertarian Republican
Libya's tug-of-war over Saif al-Islam - News - Mail & Guardian Online
Libya wants the ICC to abandon its legal action against Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the former intelligence chief so they can be tried in Tripoli.
Mail & Guardian News Feed

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