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Liberals Need To Exploit Progress, Not Fight It
The same goes for liberals. This economic transformation has two important features. One is faster obsolescence of many job-specific skills. In the future, fewer careers will be lifelong. People will need to be more adaptable and protect themselves ...
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Americans Are Liberals
Huffington Post
Will Rogers, rope trick artist, actor, humorist, columnist and man with a conscience, once said, "America is fundamentally liberal." The height of his popularity was the height of the Great Depression and lots of folks were figuring out just what the ...
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At least six Liberals testing the waters for a federal leadership run
OTTAWA — Federal Liberal party president Mike Crawley says he has talked with "six or seven" people who have expressed an interest in running to become the party's permanent leader. Crawley would not name any names Tuesday, but he said the list ...
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Hudak slams Liberal-NDP tax-the-rich scheme as punishing job creators
By Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press | May 01, 2012 TORONTO - Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is attacking a tax-the-rich scheme that saved the minority Liberals from losing a crucial budget vote. In a pro-business speech at a Toronto ...
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Liberal leadership race could have "six or seven" candidates by summer, says ...
Toronto Star
Susan Delacourt Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA—At least a half dozen Liberal leadership candidates could be gearing up their campaigns as soon as this summer. Liberal party president Mike Crawley says he knows of about "six or seven" people who are thinking of ...
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Toronto Star
Liberals on GST, calls for tourism funding, and foreign aid.
ABC Online (blog)
State Liberal Leader Will Hodgman says he'll argue against any changes to the carve-up of GST that damages Tasmania, following coments made by Federal Liberal Lader Tony Abbott. Tasmania's tourism industry says its struggling at the moment and at its ...
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Liberals show two faces
These 1 percenters are not wealthy right-wing Republicans; they are Obama's liberals. How can one tell? It turns out that seven of the 10 wealthiest counties in the Washington area voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008.
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Country Liberals axe Karama candidate for poll
ABC Online
By Myles Morgan The Country Liberals have dumped their candidate for the seat of Karama in the Northern Territory elections in August. At a party meeting last night, the Country Liberals' executive committee unanimously voted to disendorse Wayne Connop ...
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A distorted view of diversity
Washington Post
In knocking the "diversity is strength" mantra of liberals, Jonah Goldberg ["The cliches liberals use to duck debates," Outlook, April 29] cited a survey by Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam that found "as a community becomes more ethnically diverse ...
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BC Liberal Party taps senior Clark staffer to run 2013 campaign
Vancouver Sun
One of Premier Christy Clark's most senior advisers is leaving his job in Victoria to lead a year-long effort to turn the BC Liberal Party's sagging fortunes around in time for the 2013 provincial election. Mike McDonald will resign his job as ...
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Why Liberals Are Terrified by Anders Breivik | American Renaissance
By Henry Wolff
Liberals are desperately struggling to fit the man into their fantasy world where everyone is wondrously multicultural and gleefully accepting of whatever change is forced upon them by mass immigration or the denial of human nature and ...
American Renaissance

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Where Liberals Really Suck Eggs - John ... - Townhall Finance
Where Liberals Really Suck Eggs - John Ransom: Longball38884 wrote: Won't it be great when the department of.

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