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Don Macpherson: Quebec Liberal convention a surreal weekend behind locked doors
Montreal Gazette
VICTORIAVILLE – Shocking as the images were, nobody should have been surprised that there was a riot at the opening of the weekend meeting here of the Quebec Liberal Party. The very reason the Liberals were meeting here was that, as Premier Charest ...
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Elizabeth Warren: Can a liberal champion win over the center in Massachusetts?
Washington Post
them passion quickens the pulse and opens the checkbooks of liberals around the country. Massachusetts has become their marquee Senate race of 2012, a referendum on the state of liberalism itself. Many on the left, disillusioned and disappointed with ...
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Liberals and nationalists neck and neck in Serbia
Irish Times
SHADOW OF KOSOVO: SERBIA'S PRO-WESTERN liberals and former far-right nationalists were neck and neck last night in the fight for victory in presidential and parliamentary elections. President Boris Tadic secured 26.8 per cent of votes as he sought ...
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Tim Harper: Bob Rae tells Liberals to remain calm, hold the middle ground
Toronto Star
After all, at the end of the escalator was the Ontario wing of the federal Liberal party. That's the party being squeezed, gasping for air, with no room left in the middle of the spectrum, trapped in a vise by Conservatives and New Democrats determined ...
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Toronto Star
Serbian right-wing tied with liberals in elections
BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbia's incumbent liberals and right-wing opposition were tied for control of the Balkan country on Sunday after knife-edge elections in which the party of late Serb strongman Slobodan Milosevic emerged as kingmaker.
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Quebec Liberals reach tentative deal with striking students on tuition, extra fees
National Post
"One of the things I can certainly say, one of the objectives pursued, is to create a place, a forum, where we can have a discussion," Charest told reporters covering his Quebec Liberal Party's weekend policy meeting. The premier said this continuing ...
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National Post
Serbia election: Ruling liberals narrowly ahead in elections
Toronto Star
Zoran Radosavljevic REUTERS BELGRADE—Serbia's ruling liberals were narrowly ahead in elections for parliament and president on Sunday, but will need to find allies to retain power, according to unofficial preliminary results. Incumbent Boris Tadic and ...
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Calm as Quebec Liberals resume convention after reaching tuition deal
Winnipeg Free Press
There was calm this morning outside the convention centre in Victoriaville where the Quebec Liberals are holding a meeting. The striking university and college students who engaged in violent clashes with police over the weekend have largely dispersed.
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Tension dissipates among protesters in Victoriaville as Quebec reaches deal ...
Montreal Gazette
VICTORIAVILLE – When Premier Jean Charest's Liberals made the decision to move their three-day general council out of Montreal last week, they had hoped to minimize the violence and widespread disruption that seems to follow the party wherever it goes ...
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Liberals threaten to boycott Robertson campaign
ABC Online
By central coast reporter Mary-Louise Vince Rank and file Liberal members on the New South Wales central coast say they will not support the party's federal campaign in the marginal seat of Robertson, unless they are allowed to choose their own ...
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Pundit says liberals should support PMG because Thurgood ...
By admin
Dead Tree Edition is an often interesting blog that covers the printing industry, which means that it frequently has a few words to say about the US Postal Service. Yesterday the blog featured an item entitled "It's Time for Liberals To Rethink ...
postalnews blog
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
That GOP talking point that the Democrats want to make the US just like Europe: false because they really have socialists there and liberals in the US aren't even close to being socialists; false because they misunderstand what Europe is ...
A plain blog about politics
Betsy's Page: Yes, it's possible to make fun of Obama; liberals just ...
By Betsy Newmark
Some comedians think that it's just easier to make fun of Republicans because comedians are liberals and they find conservatives inherently funnier than liberals. And I'll fully admit that the GOP primaries have had their full share of ludicrous ...
Betsy's Page

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Serbian right tied for power with liberals - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbia's ruling liberals and right- wing opposition were tied for control of the Balkan country on Sunday after ...

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