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'The Avengers': Good, evil and politics
Washington Post (blog)
Having an "empathy gap" has become a political issue today. It is fascinating that American political candidates like Mitt Romney are criticized for having an "empathy gap." It used to be enough that Americans felt that a candidate was someone they ...
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Chinese dissident's future is in United States, Biden says
Fox News
President Obama's political adviser, David Axelrod, told ABC's "This Week" that the US is "making some progress" to help Chen "to achieve his goal" to come to the US He criticized presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for ...
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Activist crisis is US envoy's human rights moment
San Francisco Chronicle
"What we have seen in him is not a prudent ambassador to China but a typical American politician who actively stirs up swirls of conflicts," the newspaper said. Locke has discomfited Beijing and received praise from many Chinese from the day he took up ...
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In Indiana, tea party rattles a career of political pragmatism
Boston Herald
The US Chamber of Commerce backs Lugar. Sarah Palin endorsed Mourdock. Money has poured in from around the country. "It is a battle for the position of the Republican Party," said Andrew Downs, director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at ...
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Most Politically Connected Mayor Emanuel Begins Final Fundraiser
Emanuel, who took office in May 2011, is the most politically connected mayor in America. He will need those relationships and more to dig his city out of its fiscal hole. Like many US localities hurt by the recession and not yet feeling much relief ...
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The rise of the Indian-American pols
Politico (blog)
By CHARLES MAHTESIAN | As a function of the professional success of millions of Indians who have emigrated to the United States over the past four decades – and of the rise of Indian-American politicians like Louisiana Gov.
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Swing states' poll: Big challenges loom for Obama, Romney
By Susan Page, USA TODAY By Eva Russo, AP Crowds cheer as President Obama appears at a campaign rally at the Siegel Center in Richmond, Va. By Eva Russo, AP Crowds cheer as President Obama appears at a campaign rally at the Siegel Center in Richmond, ...
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JFK awards for ousted Iowa justices, US diplomat
Conservative groups and other gay marriage foes spent about $1 million on a political campaign to oust the judges, who chose not to raise money or campaign themselves to avoid dragging the judiciary into politics. "The three judges are interesting and ...
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Possible first time evidence for "reeducation program" for dissident US
By vehemencet_t
So, at the risk, of having to suffer the banality of undoubtedly seeing a few "lulz conspiracy!" buffoon comments devoid of critique or intellectual merit, I nonetheless thought this was potentially important enough to share. For background, the ...
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The Problem Is U.S. - Politics in Stereo
By Fits News
The Problem Is U.S.. POSTED 05.06.2012 ON Fits News. According to a new Washington Post poll from the swing state of Virginia, 49 percent of registered voters say that "Barack Obama's views on most... READ MORE ...
Politics in Stereo

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Economist's View: James Galbraith on US Politics
Here's the second part of the interview of Jamie Galbraith (German version) conducted by Roger Strassburg and Jens Berger of the German blog ...

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