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Egyptian liberals have chance to be kingmakers
Financial Times
But in cafés and on social media websites, the country's revolutionaries and liberals are discussing how best to maximise their impact. None of the three losing candidates has endorsed either of the frontrunners. "The basic rule of negotiation is not ...
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Ted Baillieu-bashing staffer Simon Morgan picked to run for Liberals
The Australian
THE former Liberal Party campaign manager sacked for waging a secret and treacherous war on Ted Baillieu and other senior Liberals in 2008 has emerged as a candidate for the West Australian branch of the party. Simon Morgan was endorsed by the WA ...
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Students set to resume talks with Quebec Liberals over tuition hikes
National Post
MONTREAL — Quebec students and the provincial government will return to the bargaining table on Monday in an attempt to put an end to a months-long dispute over tuition fees. Representatives from the province's four largest student associations will ...
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National Post
MSNBC Liberal Chris Hayes 'Uncomfortable' Calling Our Troops 'Heroes'
Wizbang (blog)
True to that liberal penchant of discounting the brave men and women that serve in our nation's armed forces, I introduce to you a lowly personage named Chris Hayes, a left-wing MSNBC host whose show "Up" airs on the weekend.
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Stoush looms between Liberals and Nationals in Hume
The Age
THE National Party has vowed to run a candidate in the federal NSW seat of Hume despite the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, sending a blunt message yesterday that he wanted the Liberal candidate, Angus Taylor, in Parliament alongside him.
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The Age
Mombourquette to carry Liberal banner in Cape Breton South
Cape Breton Post
Derek Mombourquette, third left, and his family react joyously to Saturday's announcement that he won the Liberal nomination for Cape Breton South. The 31-year-old Mombourquette was joined by his partner Stephanie Kennedy, his mother Margaret, and.
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Cape Breton Post
BC Liberals courtship of John Cummins hints of desperation
The Province
With the Conservatives stealing their traditional base of right-wing support, an overture from the governing Liberals was inevitable. Now the Conservative boss reveals he was recently approached by the Liberals and invited to a sit-down.
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Hints of desperation as Liberals court Cummins Conservative party leader says ...
The Province
Conservative boss John Cummins says he was recently approached by the Liberals and invited to a sit-down, he suspects with the intention of feeling him out about a possible merger. Or maybe folding the Conservatives into a new party with a new name.
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Egypt's liberals face the worst-case scenario
New Statesman (blog)
For many, in particularly the leftists and liberal movements, this was a worst-case scenario: a reactionary Islamist versus a former member of the Mubarak regime. Fears by protesters that their revolution has been hijacked by power-hungry political ...
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Archbishop selection panel 'dominated by liberals'
By Edward Malnick The committee is unfairly balanced in favour of liberals who support "revisionist" moves such as the appointment of homosexual bishops, traditionalists have warned. Their intervention came as the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) met ...
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ARRA News Service: Liberals Plan Propaganda Campaign After ...
By Bill Smith
ARRA News Service: conservatives news: God, family & country; traditional family values, Republican principles & ideals, limited government, free markets, individual freedom.
ARRA News Service
Republicans Are in Disarray; So Why Are Liberals Playing Defense?
By Adele Stan
Today brings more evidence of cracks in the Republican coalition. In its lead story, Politico serves up a rap on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's lack of vision. But if you read the subtext, the people making the claim are a group ...
Political Animal
George Will: "Liberals put the squeeze to Justice Roberts"
By Randy Barnett
Concerning which, it is cheeky of Rosen, a liberal, to lecture Roberts about jurisprudential conservatism, which Rosen says requires "restraint," meaning deference to congressional liberalism. Such clumsy attempts to bend the chief justice are ...
The Volokh Conspiracy
Wake up America: Laughable Liberals Still Attempting To Intimidate ...
By (Susan Duclos)
Concluding that Kennedy might be disposed to overturn the mandate, some Obamacare defenders decided that Roberts's vote will be decisive. They hope to secure it by causing Roberts to worry about his reputation and that of his institution.
Wake up America
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Oh, let's talk about drugs a bit. Do you think that Democratic politicians support the status quo on drugs -- in particular marijuana -- because they really believe that it's good policy? Because they believe it's good politics? Some other reason?
A plain blog about politics

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