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Political Polarization 'Dangerous,' Psychologist Says
CHICAGO - For the first time in American political history, Democrats and Republicans have sorted themselves into a perfect left-right split, a prominent political psychologist said this week, calling the result a "dangerous era" in US politics.
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McCain says US shouldn't count on Russia to force out Assad, calls Obama ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
According to US Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev "did not dispute the fact that there needs to be a process of political transition" in Syria. "I think the question is, just how does that manifest ...
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Vail Daily columnist Jack Van Ens: Paranoia still runs through US politics
Vail Daily News
Richard Hofstadter, the late Columbia University historian, describes how "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" has permeated our nation's history since its birth (Harper's Magazine, November 1964, pp. 77-86). Hofstadter opens his celebrated essay, ...
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Asked to Confirm Military Is Ready for Iran Strike, Panetta Says Pentagon Has ...
ABC News (blog)
During an interview for "This Week," Defense Secretary Leon Panetta assured me that the United States has readied plans to carry out a military strike on Iran to prevent the regime from obtaining nuclear weapons if diplomacy fails to dissuade the ...
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ABC News (blog)
Obama administration faces defiance abroad, as foreign policy criticism mounts ...
Fox News
America's effort to mediate conflict and effect change in some of the world's most troubled regions has been met lately with a startling response, in country after country -- defiance. Iran stepped out of the latest round of talks on its nuclear ...
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'This Week' Transcript: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta
ABC News
Those stories and the rest of the week's politics with our "Powerhouse Roundtable," George Will, Jennifer Granholm, Liz Claman, Nia-Malika Henderson and Ron Brownstein. ANNOUNCER: From ABC News, THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS.
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ABC News
Political groups test campaign laws ahead of high-profile W.Va. general ...
The Republic
And just in time for this potential flood of political ads, a new court case is challenging the state's rules on the topic. The November ballot includes all three of the state's seats in the US House of Representatives as well as one of its spots in ...
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Pop and politics collide at Europe's awesomely trashy song contest
Boing Boing
It is, in fact, the greatest collision of Europop aesthetics with bloc politics of which any naïve American could conceive. Even if you have more arch appetites than mainstream pop songs, you can be persuaded to appreciate the particular recipe of ...
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Boing Boing
Politics 2012: Ron Paul strategy keeps things interesting
When he bowed out of actively campaigning to capture the Republican presidential nomination, US Rep. Ron Paul said he wasn't interested in disrupting the party's national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August. Ron Paul has given up actively campaigning ...
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Of Politics and Sport
Huffington Post UK (blog)
However, as the 2012 election season grips all corners of the US in a fascinating carnival of strategy, pageantry, and partisanship; I realise I miss something else. Just as viewing sports is not the same in London, neither is the US political race.
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Open Thread: US Stocks & Politics | The Big Picture
By James Bianco
Click to enlarge: ˜˜˜ ˜˜˜ ˜˜˜ ˜˜˜ Pragmatic Capitalism – SO GOES THE STOCK MARKET, SO GOES OBAMA? Anyone who.
The Big Picture
Top U.S. Middle East diplomat to retire next week
Top U.S. Middle East diplomat to retire next week - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jeffrey Feltman, the top U.S. diplomat for.
Politics & Government
Why America Is Slouching Towards Third World Status - Business ...
By Steven Strauss
As we consider our politicians, we can hardly say that they're our best. And the worst of them are full of passionate intensity, with passions driven by ideology, rather than fact-based analysis. The United States has been in decline relative to ...
Politics Contributors

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Americans vote fictional politics on screen a hit – but reality is a turn ...
TV and cinema are turning again to the White House for drama while the approval ratings for real politicians are at rock bottom, writes Paul Harris.
Romney campaigns on education in Pennsylvania - US politics live ...
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes his campaign to a charter school in ...

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