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Liberals' threats to Supreme Court over ObamaCare are a bad (and dumb) idea
Fox News
It is easy to forget, and so it is important to remember, that reasonable and conscientious people – including judges – sometimes disagree, reasonably, about things that matter. In recent days, several commentators and critics of the Roberts Court seem ...
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Dalton McGuinty tells Catholic church he's in charge of schools
Toronto Star
The reminder came a day after Cardinal Thomas Collins, archbishop of Toronto, accused the minority Liberal government of making "religious freedom . . . a second-class right" with a controversial amendment to an anti-bullying bill.
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Toronto Star
Blizzard: Another Liberal shocker
Toronto Sun
The Liberal-created Ontario College of Trades will soon require journeymen electricians and electrical contractors to pay an additional $200 and $600 respectively annually to the College for unspecified services. Stephen Sell, is president of the ...
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BC Liberals' inaction hurting Catalyst mills: CEO
Vancouver Sun
The head of Catalyst Paper believes the provincial government could have done more to help the company stay afloat. Catalyst CEO Kevin Clarke has suggested that lack of government help for his struggling company may have contributed to the defeat of a ...
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Letters: Liberals blind and biased
Joliet Herald News
It's sad that so many liberals are so biased and blind to the facts. Republicans are the ones defending not only Christians, but all religious beliefs. The Obama Administration recently ruled it's okay for Indians to kill the bald eagle because of ...
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Liberals, Shaw feel the heat
Herald Sun
VICTORIAN parliamentary speaker Ken Smith has interviewed employees from the hardware business owned by Liberal Geoff Shaw as pressure grows on the Baillieu Government over its support for the embattled Frankston MP. Mr Shaw is accused of using his ...
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Craig Thomson votes with Liberals in parliament
Express Advocate Wyong
Embattled federal MP Craig Thomson has voted with the coalition but has been rebuffed with the Liberals saying they would never accept his vote. Mr Thomson was stood aside from the Labor caucus on April 29 when Prime Minister Julia Gillard declared ...
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I'm 'uncomfortable' calling liberals patriots
Las Vegas Review-Journal (blog)
But it's a good way to begin this note on the crazy things American liberal thought brings people to sometimes say. Heroes come in all shapes, colors, religions and political backgrounds. Military heroes put their lives in harm's way and they don't ...
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Liberals betray own principles
Victoria Times Colonist
he Liberal government has badly lost its way - and sight of the public interest - on BC Hydro. T The once embraced. Crown corporations, the Liberals government has betrayed a principle it insisted, should have proper management and oversight, ...
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Liberals and the Cult of Complexity - Ricochet.com
By EJHill
ReligionDispatches.org has a posting up today following up on the disciples of Harold Camping, the gentleman that convinced thousands last year that Jesus was about to return and bring with Him the end of the world.The tales of ...
Ricochet Conversations Feed
Chris Hayes Just Said What Most Liberals Really Think | Right Wing ...
By John Hawkins
"Thinking today and observing Memorial Day, that'll be happening tomorrow. Just talked with Lt. Col. Steve Burke [sic, actually Beck], who was a casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people [inaudible]. Um, I, I, ah, back sorry, um, ...
Right Wing News
Les Leyne: B.C. Liberals' inaction hurting Catalyst mills: CEO
The head of Catalyst Paper believes the provincial government could have done more to help the company.
Times Colonist - News
More From the Annals of "Liberals Are Stupid" | Daily Pundit
By Bill Quick
Others are simply things Republicans say that Noah disagrees with, like "If you tax something, you get less of it" (Noah offers the stinging riposte that if you tax land, you won't have less land, which is thuddingly obvious but at the same time ...
Daily Pundit
Are Liberals Shooting Themselves in the Foot with Citizens United ...
By Rick Hasen
On June 14, the Supreme Court will consider what to do about that Montana case in which the state Supreme Court upheld corporate spending limits in its state elections despite Citizens United. The Court basically has three options: it could ...
Election Law Blog

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Are Liberals Trying to Intimidate John Roberts? - The New Republic
The Great Escape: Has One NGO Been Lying About Its Role in Syria? Are Liberals Trying to ...

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