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Be a better progressive
UM Maneater
If ideological progressives don't hold them accountable, Democrats will continue to betray the ideology. By Michael DeCrescenzo In the four years since Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in 2008, progressives have let ...
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Were progressives who fell for Obama in 2008 foolish?
By Don Smith (about the author) Many progressives who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 are now angry. They feel cheated and betrayed. They feel that President Obama failed to even try to live up to his promise to bring real change to Washington, ...
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Letter: Read up on Progressive Caucus' ties to Communist Party
Allen West's answer about the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the caucus' ties to the Communist Party USA. On your computer do two searches and read it for yourself. This caucus doesn't use the word Communist, as we don't use the ...
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Liqoqo withdraws from meeting progressives
Times of Swaziland
By ZWELAKHE MOAHLOLI on May 05,2012 MBABANE – Liqoqo has withdrawn from engaging with progressives in meetings to discuss the possibility of transforming the country politically. His Majesty King Mswati III's advisory body, Liqoqo, about two years ago, ...
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Radicals, Baseball and Broadway
New York Times
Thai Jones's "More Powerful Than Dynamite: Radicals, Plutocrats, Progressives and New York's Year of Anarchy" (Walker & Company, $28) offers a vivid reminder that today's domestic political turmoil, for all its vitriol, is pretty tame compared with ...
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Sonia Gandhi s uphill task
The News International
And the United Progressive Alliance government is losing ground as it drifts further Rightwards. Few Congress leaders believe the UPA can win the next Lok Sabha election, due in 2014, if it continues along its present course.
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The News International
Bellevue Driver Confirms Every Stereotype About Bellevue Drivers
And then you'll have a ghost town after 6 pm It's already happening, but the "progressives" don't care. Why worry about all those pesky jobs, anyway? They're just little people. Note: Some NotFan" messages are faked by a "progressive" imposter.
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Let Romney Be Romney
The Weekly Standard (blog)
As for Romney, conservatives might think of him as progressives did Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932. FDR was also, like Romney, an intelligent, hardworking, pragmatic problem-solving governor. In FDR's case, he was a pragmatist with a liberal ...
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Chevat, Friends of Wildwood make Montclair election endorsements
BY LINDA MOSS This week Cary Chevat, a co-founder of the progressive group BlueWaveNJ, and the Friends of Wildwood issued endorsements for candidates running in Montclair's municipal election next Tuesday. On Friday Chevat endorsed only one candidate, ...
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Feingold questions Pelosi's commitment to Medicare - Dental reforms have no ...
In an email to his Progressives United group on Thursday, Feingold said Pelosi is joining other Dems who are now wavering on Medicare. "Any Democratic endorsement of benefit cuts, even for political reasons, capitulates on bedrock progressive values ...
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Left-heimer's: 'Progressives' live in the past (chapter CXVII)
By Kathy Shaidle
Progressive, educated, sophisticated Quebeckers riot in the name of old pieces of paper that called for the outright rejection of even older pieces of paper; pretty confused about what year it is, real life economics and stuff: Amid all the tensions, ...
Five Feet of Fury - Kathy Shaidle ...

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Progressives party -- together | SF Politics
There are plenty of political fundraisers during campaign seasons, but this one will be especially interesting: The progressive slate for the Democratic County ...
If progressives think the rich should pay their fair share, why do ...
Progressives give private companies millions of go…
From iPad factories to dissidents, what U.S.-China policy should ...
Cenk asks Power Panelists David Sirota and Cliff Schecter to help him determine a U.S.-China ...

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