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Good Reads: Politics of withdrawal, fossil fuels, and media freedom in South ...
Christian Science Monitor
For Americans, this should be fair warning: Every act by the president this year will be examined and deemed political or not, often depending more on political viewpoint than objective reality. But for the rest of the world, actions of the US ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Both Obama, Romney making appalling use of bin Laden killing as political fodder
Fox News
I was saddened as an American. I do not think that it is necessarily good political strategy but going beyond political strategy, as an American who could not have been more proud and pleased with our nation and our president and the spontaneous ...
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Protesters to target 3M political contributions
By Scott Malone (Reuters) - Opponents of corporate political donations plan to picket 3M Co's (MMM.N) shareholder meeting on Tuesday in a bid to get the diversified US manufacturer to stop making political contributions. About 100 protesters are ...
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Weak jobs figures are woe for Obama - US politics live
The Guardian
4.43pm: Mitt Romney has taken to claiming that he has "been sitting down with three or four families almost every day without the camera there" to hear about the wasteland of Obama's America. He did so again today in Pittsburgh: Before I begin an event ...
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The Guardian
China appears willing to grant Chen visa to study abroad
Fox News
His earlier pleas for US sanctuary, delivered via conversations with The Associated Press, other foreign media and friends, have resonated around the world and even become part of Washington politics in a presidential election year.
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Job Numbers Become Instant Campaign Fodder
New York Times
Still, according to economists, political analysts and White House advisers, the payroll numbers were not bad enough to alter the basic narrative of an economy that is climbing, slowly but steadily, out of a historic recession.
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Robert Caro: Political Power—How to Get It and Use It
Wall Street Journal
Lyndon Johnson's famed biographer talks about what he's learned studying America's 36th President and Robert Moses. By BRIAN BOLDUC Asked to define "political power"—the motif of his multivolume biography of Lyndon Baines Johnson—historian Robert ...
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Student loans: Do Republicans really think program is socialist?
Christian Science Monitor
But the issue is highlighting political differences. By Mark Trumbull, Staff writer / May 4, 2012 President Obama speaks at Washington-Lee high school in Arlington, Va., Friday. President Obama repeated his drumbeat for student-loan relief on Friday, ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Health reform's political tryst: love and narcissism inside the beltway
Washington Times
In American healthcare politics, trends are emerging that point to a similar scenario, but on a huge national scale. Narcissistic behavior and grandiosity on any level can have a scarring impact. When the President and Congressional Democrats pushed ...
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Washington Times
Controversy surrounding Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry lingers in ...
Warren, who is in a heated campaign against Republican US Sen. Scott Brown, has had the "worst week in Washington," according to some news outlets, and political strategists in the Bay State believe the issue surrounding her ancestry will remain in the ...
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When US politics and China's security apparatus go head to head ...
When US politics and China's security apparatus go head to head, 4 May 2012. Everything crowds in on the leadership, 30 Apr 2012. Play the wife, not the man, 24 Apr 2012. Widening the band, 16 Apr 2012. Chongqing protest – but it's not for ...
China Blog
WPR Article | The Realist Prism: Chen Saga Pits U.S. Rhetoric vs ...
By (Nikolas Gvosdev)
The saga of Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who sought refuge in the U.S. embassy in Beijing this week, is still unfolding. Yet the Obama administration appears to have encountered its own version of Dwight Eisenhower's "Hungary ...
World Politics Review: Articles
Look again at lookout decision: U.S. attorney | Strange Bedfellows ...
By Joel Connelly
Look again at lookout decision: U.S. attorney. ... Strange Bedfellows — Politics News. News about Seattle City Hall, Seattle ... If the U.S. Attorney's request for a remand is granted, the Green Mountain Lookout may be spared for the time being.
Strange Bedfellows -- Politics News
Jonathan Miller: An Uncompromised View of Contemporary American
By (Jesse)
Jonathan Miller: An Uncompromised View of Contemporary American Politics and Economics. I somehow missed this the first time around, but someone sent this extended set of excerpts from the two interviews that Jonathan Miller did with ...
Jesse's Café Américain

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US elections 2012 + US politics | World news | The Guardian
US unemployment, jobless, Florida 3 May 2012: Markets are recovering, CEOs are back in the money, but life for those jobless for six months or more has got ...

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