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Give 'Em Hell Barry
Washington Post
Progressives have yearned for President Obama to follow Harry Truman's strategy from the 1948 campaign by giving his Republican opponents hell. Now that Obama is doing just that, his critics say he's not looking presidential. As a longtime advocate of ...
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Visit Mansion to learn more about Gov. Warner
Progressives were coping with the changes brought by the new technology of the 20th Century. Fed Warner was a progressive governor. During the Warner administration a number of things that would regulate the 20th century were passed.
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U.S. Military's green insurgence
Progressives have pressed our military about the social policies of racial and gender employment equity, sexual identities, immigrant status, health care and religious accommodations. And as with most adversities, our military has responded competently ...
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APGA Can't Win Election in Anambra - Emebo
CHAIRMAN of the breakaway All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in Anambra State, Dr. Godson Emebo warned yesterday that unless a fresh congress of the party was held in Anambra State at the ward, local government and state levels, the party should ...
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George F. Will: A liberal squeeze play
By GEORGE F. WILL | Published: May 27, 2012 Leave a comment WASHINGTON — In one of his characteristic conniptions about people who frustrated him, Theodore Roosevelt, progressivism's first president, said of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, ...
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Emerging consensus in ROK
Korea Times
The general elections in April created a balanced distribution of seats between the ruling and opposition parties at the national legislature ― with 151 members for the Saenuri Party, 127 for the DUP, 13 for the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) and 5 ...
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Korea Times
Catholic Lawsuits and the Establishment Clause
American Thinker
Kathleen Sebelius might as well have grabbed sixty years of progressive establishment clause dogma by the tongue and flicked it inside out. The Court's progressives have spent decades beating it into our heads that precious little -- if any -- evidence ...
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American Thinker
We can not repair the economy with bad politics-PPP of William Dowokpor
A prominent member of the progressive people's Party (PPP) William Dowokpor has called for a radical transformation of Ghana's political system to facilitate a sustainable socio-economic development that reflects in the living conditions of the people.
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Wake up America: Progressives Keeping It Classy With Death Threats
By (Susan Duclos)
I called out commenter "Ten Bears" for his genuinely asinine defense of Elizabeth Warren's alleged Cherokee ancestry. After a couple of iterations with Steve M. --- and after I linked the video of Michelle Obama boasting of Barack's "Kenyan ...
Wake up America
Progressives Support Our Troops – Republicans Use Them ...
By Winning Progressive
This Memorial Day, as we honor the service of our nation's brave service members and veterans, is also a good time to examine what it means to “support our troops.” Too often in today's political discourse, it is assumed that Republicans and ...
Addicting Info
What Fires Young Progressives' Activism? A New Study Asks Th ...
By Kit B.
The goal of the research was to better understand the attitudes and motivations of millennials who are actively engaged in social justice—why they engage, what they see as barriers to an ideal society and opinions on whether an explicit racial ...
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