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Lugar defeat underscores vanishing US political middle
By Thomas Ferraro and David Lawder | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The landslide defeat of US Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana sent an ominous message to Washington: unprecedented partisan gridlock in Congress likely will worsen next year and make difficult ...
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A Watershed Move, Both Risky and Inevitable
New York Times
A sitting United States president took sides in what many people consider the last civil rights movement, providing the most powerful evidence to date of how rapidly views are moving on an issue that was politically toxic just five years ago.
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New York Times
Tea Party 'paralysing US politics', warns ex-senator
Irish Independent
Richard Lugar angrily declared that the US political system has been dangerously paralysed by the refusal of right-wing Republicans to strike deals with Democrat opponents. The 80-year-old Republican senator, who has a long record as a deal-making ...
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Prepared Statement of Senator Richard G. Lugar on the Concluded Indiana Senate ...
New York Times
I would like to comment on the Senate race just concluded and the direction of American politics and the Republican Party. I would reiterate from my earlier statement that I have no regrets about choosing to run for office. My health is excellent, ...
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President Obama endorses gay marriage – US politics live
The Guardian
4.11pm: Fox News is speaking to famous political expert Christine O'Donnell on the subject of Obama and gay marriage. Do you know what that tells us? That no sane Republican wanted to appear on TV and talk about this. 4.08pm: A new national poll just ...
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The Guardian
With Primary Over, a New Battle for Indiana Senate Seat Begins
New York Times
"They would want to blame that on us — 'See, we told you so,' " he said. By Wednesday, the outlines of a new political battle were emerging, with Democrats trying to paint Mr. Mourdock as a far-right candidate with little appeal for independents or ...
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New York Times
In political gamble, Obama supports gay marriage
By Evan Vucci, AP President Obama is the first US president to endorse same-sex marriage. By Evan Vucci, AP President Obama is the first US president to endorse same-sex marriage. For almost two years, President Obama had said that his views on gay ...
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Analysis: Obama gambles with gay marriage move
U.S. News & World Report
The president's dramatic shift on the issue — a watershed moment in US politics, even if many people felt it was inevitable — is the latest sign that Democratic hopes increasingly rest on younger, college-educated and largely urban voters, ...
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US drone attacks in Yemen cause political strain
Yet US drone attacks, which have often killed civilians in the past, are resented by Yemenis, even the many who abhor al Qaeda. Suspicions that feuding generals and politicians, from Saleh down, are not averse to using the militants to advance their ...
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Lugar's loss further polarizes US Senate
It was partly a detailed defense of his ill-fated and often maligned campaign strategy and partly a stark warning to both parties about the divisive state of American politics, starting with Mourdock. "His embrace of an unrelenting partisan mindset is ...
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WPR Article | Abu Muqawama: U.S. Must Shore Up Fragile Israel ...
By (Andrew Exum)
The Camp David peace accords that brought an end to the wars between Israel and Egypt are a triumph of American diplomacy. The U.S. can take credit for shepherding the deal and then enabling its implementation through the years. Today ...
World Politics Review: Articles
U.S. Chamber TV ads take aim at Frankel, Nelson ... - Post on Politics
By George Bennett
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching a Florida ad campaign that targets Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Democratic congressional hopefuls Lois Frankel.
Post on Politics
Saudis emerge as key US ally against terrorists - Politics news
A decade after hijackers mostly from Saudi Arabia attacked the United States with passenger jets, the Saudis have emerged as the principal ally of the U.S.. US
Primary Defeats Spotlight Disappearing Center in American Politics
By Rob Richie
Clearly winner-take-all amplifies partisanship and polarization in Congress; it is therefore antagonistic toward the goal of achieving a more collaborative and collegial legislature.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Gets Involved In NY House Races ...
By Joseph Spector
"The goal of this campaign is to clearly define the records of the candidates in New York on issues important to the American recovery," said Rob Engstrom, the national political director of the Chamber of Commerce. "For those who have ...
Politics on the Hudson

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Hiding the True Jesus: In reshaping American politics and society ...
For non-U.S. politics and news please consider r/WorldPolitics or r/WorldNews (N ). ... The moderators of /r/Politics reserve the right to moderate posts and ...
President Obama endorses gay marriage – as it happened | World ...
President Obama tells ABC News that 'same sex couples should be able to get married' - as it happened.
Defense minister in crucial tour of US|Politics|
A landmark visit to the United States by the defense minister will help defuse the tense situation in the South China Sea, analysts said.

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