Friday, May 11, 2012

How To Avoid Sinus Infections

Sinus is one of the most common ailments gripping a large number of people. It can be infectious as well as non-infectious. Antibiotics are used to kill the sinus bacteria. Decongestants also help in relieving the pain. But as they say, 'prevention is better than cure'. So, how to avoid the sinus infections?

Sinus infection can be avoided by preventing excessive secretion of mucus. Before discussing how to avoid the sinus infection, let's briefly describe what exactly is the sinus infection and what are its symptoms.

Sinusitis is caused by the inflammation of the nasal membrane due to pollutants. This slows down the work of cilia which is responsible for evacuation of mucus from the nasal membrane. The inflammation results in trapping of mucus in the membrane leading to the sinus infection.

Weakness, exhaustion, recurrent cold or flu, a pain in the upper jaw, feeling of a pressure around eyes, forehead and cheeks, small amounts of mucus going down the throat are all common symptoms of sinusitis.

Keeping the body hydrated is one of the best methods of avoiding sinus infections. Drink hot soups, teas and other hot liquids. This helps in removing the mucus from the sinuses by improving the cilia movements. While on the move, remember to keep ourself hydrated. Avoid the use of air conditioners as the dry up the air.

Placing warm and moist towels or cloth on the face and the forehead for a duration of 4-5 minutes twice or thrice a day aids cilia movement and eases mucus circulation. A salt and water solution can also help in avoiding sinus infections. This solution needs to be sniffed in and out of the nose so as to clean the nose cavities.

A Hydro Pulse Nasal device or a sinus irrigator are modern devices that help in right and painless irrigation of sinuses. These are easily available with the pharmacies in the market. The pulse of water is gentle. The devices are simple and easy to use.

Thus, how to avoid sinus infections has a simple answer to it – by observing a few precautions! However, if the symptoms occur, it is advisable to always consult a specialist.

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