Friday, May 11, 2012

How Many Happy Aquarium Pearls Do You Need (Happy Aquarium pearls)

Like every other Facebook game on the market, Happy Aquarium has its very own special currency that is hard to get and can help to buy some very rare, high level items and upgrades for your account. In this case, you'll be trying to get Happy Aquarium pearls. These pearls are not necessarily as hard to get in Happy Aquarium as they might be in some other games, but they are still tough and can be quite expensive if you decide to start buying them instead. So, to help you decide when and where to use them, and whether you need to buy any Happy Aquarium pearls, here are some tips.
What Happy Aquarium Pearls Are Used For
There are a lot of different items you can buy with your Happy Aquarium pearls. To start with, you can buy some rare and fun high level creatures and fish that would not otherwise be available to you. These creatures vary between those that can be resold for a decent profit to those that are just simply there – the same as a decoration (such as your Mermaid or Scuba Hamster).
Other items that you can pick up for a good chunk of pearls include the high level backdrop upgrades along with the different decorations that are rarely found in the game other than through the pearl interface. These decorations range from real world monuments to strange and rare items that perform fun little tricks.
What Can You Skip?
For the most part, you don't need anything that you can buy with pearls. They cost a lot of real world cash (12 for $1) and can be pretty much ignored if you're not intent on getting the highest level items in the game. The upgrades to your tank and your subtanks are all paid for with coins, so generally speaking, if you focus on your coins, you'll be able to get almost anything you need from the game.
The goal of Happy Aquarium pearls is to give the truly hardcore players of the game a fun, additional way to engage with the content. From the Scuba Hamster for 150 pearls to the little mermaid or the rare backdrops and additions to your tank, you can have a lot of fun tacking on new aspects to you tank. But, you need to be willing to spend a good chunk of real world cash to get those things because the number of Happy Aquarium pearls you'll get for free is often quite limited.

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