Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Deadlift Building the Deadlift


How to Build the Deadlift:

  1. Good Form– First off, you have to deadlift with good form.  If you form is off, it will lead to you missing the lift, typically right off the floor.
    1. Form Check
    2. Shins on the bar – You must make sure you are as close to the bar as possible.  This shortens the distance between the center of gravity (COG) of the bar and the COG of the lifter.  This is the most advantageous leverage position
    3. Big Air – You have to catch a big air to increase your intra-abdominal pressure
    4. Force Your Abs Out – This along with a big air will provide you with a natural belt to ensure your lower back and abdominals are braced and strong.  This technique is further enhanced when you actually wear a belt because you'll be forcing your abdominals out against a rigid object.
    5. Do Not Jerk the Weight Off the Floor – Rather push the floor away after you develop a high level of full body tension.
    6. Keep the Bar Against Your Body the Entire Lift – Again, maximizing your leverages.
    7. Lockout With a Powerful Glute Contraction – Do not hyperextend your lower back, lock out your hips by forcibly contracting your glutes.
  2. Are You Weak?– Make sure you develop not only your posterior chain, but your core strength, upper back musculature and grip.
    1. Develop Posterior Chain – RDL's, Stiff Legged Deadlifts, GHR, Reverse Hypers, Partial Range (rack lockouts), Beyond the Range (standing on plates or blocks)
    2. Develop Core – Engaging in compound movements, L-sit pull-ups, medicine ball exercises, ab roller, the posterior chain exercise in part 1 develop the antagonist (to the abdominals) side of the "core".
    3. Develop Your Upper Back – pull ups, face pulls, seated rows, bent over rows
    4. Develop Grip Strength – thick bar holds, rack holds, plate pinch, utilize double overhand (pronated grip) as long as you can while you're working up on your deadlifts sets.
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