Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Get Ahead of Your Friends in the Game by Using a Cityville Leveling Guide

If you are finding it hard to level up in the game, then maybe you should consult this Cityville leveling guide to help you progress in the game faster. If you want to learn how to do so, read on, as you will find many tips on what you should do so that you will be able to gain levels in no time and leave many of your friends and neighbors' cities in the dust!

One of the best ways to gain experience in the game is by collecting from the many community buildings that you can build. These buildings give payouts in coins as well as experience points and energy. You will be able to collect from these kinds of buildings once each day and these buildings can give you a lot more experience than any other buildings. This is one of the most basic tips that you can find in a Cityville leveling guide that is being published by some of the game experts.

Aside from community buildings, you may also collect from businesses. Aside from coins, experience points and energy, you will also receive items that will help you complete your collection. You should also add decorations nearby your buildings to boost the experience that you will get from them. You can also plant and collect from crops as they also reward a lot of things. You can also chop the trees that you are not planning on using in the city as they also give a bit of experience. It is also important to remove them because you will need the space when you have to expand your city. After you get items to complete your collections, you should turn them in to get awarded with plenty of experience points and additional coins and items.

A tip that is also included in some Cityville leveling guide that you can find on the internet is completion of quests. Quests reward a lot of experience points as well as items that you can use when your city expands. This will also unlock many new buildings that you can build for your city as the higher-level ones give more experience and rewards than those that are already available for you to build right away. These are some of the easiest and basic tips that you should follow if you want to level up faster than your fellow game neighbors. There are plenty of other tips and cheats that you can do by reading up in the popular Cityville leveling guide available online.


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