Friday, May 4, 2012

Key Design Elements In Battlefield 3


In the very competitive world of online games it becomes a challenge to design and launch newer and better entertainment pieces that can retain an interested target audience. This is imperative to its success as the evolution rates are very rapid.
Having very high standards to compete with is a challenge in itself, and when the element of competiveness is thrown into the mix it becomes doubly challenging. The high standards and expectations contribute to pushing the levels to its optimum on all fronts, thus birthing the best game possible. Making every aspect bigger and better which includes a newer rendering machine, newer streaming technology for the maps, newer animation systems more destruction scenarios and of course the ever attractive feature of vehicle warfare.
The multiplayer choices which are available are also upgraded to ensure any choice made will provide the gamer with the ultimate challenge and satisfaction ratios. Offering something that is unbeatable in every category is the aim behind the design. Playing on the one location theory is also another interesting angle where each of the multiplayers is passing information in a more coherent and overall enhanced communication quality. Incorporating larger maps to accommodate the use of jets was initially a challenging factor however this was satisfactorily overcome with the use of streaming technology effectively rendering bigger maps. This now comfortably accommodates game play within infantry, vehicles and airstrikes.
Tweaking the game from various aspects to fine tune the already existing features such as accommodating the jets functions and the snipers from being spotted through the sun glare is just some of the adjustments done. A lot of the tweaking was done as a result of the feedback from fans which the designers take very seriously indeed to ensure better balance within the new game plan.


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