Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Battlefield 3 Is My Favorite Game

I want to share with you about the design element in Battlefield 3 – the latest in the first person shooter genre.
On several different levels the battlefield design is more aggressively focused on the details of producing a more rounded experience. For those already familiar with the Beta nonstop variety will be well acquainted with the various different soldier classes that have spawning possibilities. Also evident is the assortment of primary and secondary weapons that are included in the medi-packs and grenade allotments. Using the assault troops as the standard deployment platform the ability to suppress the enemy or take out target becomes fair game while engaging the use of the Engineers for cover fire and rescuing equipment is expected.
The use of the chosen unit must be made with caution as though every piece of arsenal can be re configured to be better suited to the gamer, with the use of different optics, grips and tactical extras, the presence of the tactical lights can give away the position of those involved due to its high shining capacity. To be noted also is the excellent advantage of being able to have good views of nighttime maps even if it comes with calculated risks.
The focus on providing the gamers with as many feature as possible trickle down into the multiplayer experience whereupon the search for matchmaking system allows for the filter of a multitude of options from servers worldwide and those within private range. Again to be emphasized is the fact that through the many stages there is always the element of design brilliance being showcased effectively thus enhancing the choices made at each juncture. Though at first it may usually seem like there is a need to be more accomplished on the sinlge player mode first in order to better equip one's self before attempting the multiplayer mode, with the battlefield game there does not seems to be a need for this.


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