Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learn the Best Tips and Tricks From Cityville Strategy Guide

This game has become one of the biggest games in Facebook as it is being played by millions of people worldwide, and many are actually benefitting in reading a Cityville strategy guide to get more out of the game. This game was created by the same developer who made Farmville and Frontierville, which have enjoyed a lot of popularity from millions of Facebook users around the world. Cityville is a simulation game wherein you act as the supervisor of a city. You will have to strategically place different buildings such as community, business and housing in order to make your city bigger and habitable.

You will probably need to consult a Cityville strategy guide once you reach the higher levels. Managing a city is pretty easy during your lower levels, but it gets a bit complicated when you are already a high level player because you will be unlocking plenty of game content that is far more complicated to understand. There will be more buildings to deal with, as well as expansion of your city and using decorations to boost the performance of your buildings so that you can collect more coins and get more experience points and items to complete the different collections in the game. You can turn in these collections once completed to acquire more rewards in the game that will help you level up and unlock even more game content. You will be able to get some tips and find out how you can complete the different collections as well as what things you will be able to unlock later on in the game by reading a good Cityville strategy guide.

There are two types of credits of the game that you can use. One is coin that you can earn while playing the game and leveling up, and the other one is cash that you have to purchase with real money. Cash credits will enable you to buy more items and content that is not available by using just the coins that you get in the game. This is Zynga's way of monetizing the game and these items are more useful and perform better than the ones that you can buy in the game using coins. Many people have found ways to still enjoy the game even though they are only using coins. Be sure to read a good Cityville strategy guide written by a game expert to help you learn more about the game and how you can get ahead in the game even without purchasing cash credits!


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