Friday, May 4, 2012

The New Flight Simulator add-on appeals more to the aviation enthusiasts

The New Flight Simulator add-on appeals more to the aviation enthusiasts Flight Simulator GameAs with the new technology being developed each day, the simulator games have also gone through several modifications to keep it more updated with the best possible features that could bring it close to the real world and also make it interesting and adventurous for the users.

The flight simulator add-on basically means adding some features to the existing versions of the game.

Some of the features are listed below.

* A detailed 3D textured map is available to the pilot.

* There is GPS system which helps the pilot to reach the specified destination without getting deviated from its route.

* A full virtual 3D cockpit is available.

* Has realistic stereo sound system which makes the simulator more interesting.

* Has moving parts, like the doors, control system, rudder, cargo hatches, gears, etc.

* Has the facility for night flying also with proper night lighting inside and outside the aircrafts.

* The pilot can check all the documentation and can make log books, keep time records, flight records, etc.

* The pilot can choose any scenery, weather, season, according to his liking.

* Anyone can get a detailed knowledge about the historic as well as the current aircrafts.

* Even the radios system functions just like the real one.

There is no limit to the flight simulator add-on.

It can be endless.

But one should keep a check on it and should limit the add-on depending on the use and also on the budge.

As the aviation equipments are very expensive, it is not easy for everyone to have all the add-on in their games.

If you want to enjoy the flight simulator add-on, why not go to a place where you can pay and play for a while.

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