Friday, May 4, 2012

Think you’re a PC aviator! Considering the sheer skill

Think you're a PC aviator! Flight Simulator GameConsidering the sheer skill and tenacious spirit it takes to fly, you'd easily be forgiven; nay, in fact, respected, for thinking of yourself as a learner, when it comes to the task of manoeuvring aircraft.

Indeed, the most practiced pilots constantly strive to brush their skills up, so they too can do what they love best – safely and proficiently.

Becoming a PC aviator will test your limits and extend your boundaries, as you'll need to acquire the basics just to get started.

This undoubtedly involves learning all you can about the flight cockpit in the plane of your choice, so you'll soon take command of the flight outright.

However, once you master these essential skills, you will be commander of the skies.

And what a feeling! All that's left to do – is decide which airport to visit.

Of course, the real fun in becoming a PC aviator will be utilising all the instruments when you begin to fly, and while keyboard commands are precise and fun to use, the real thrill will be plugging in the joystick and pedals, to really get the sensation of the aircraft under you.

For anyone who's ever dreamed of climbing into the cockpit to be the next Top Gun or commercial operator, the good news is that there are flight simulation software packages waiting to turn you into a formidable PC aviator.

With true-to-life graphics, you'll transcend into the world of exciting flight, where everything is possible at the click of your control buttons.

So, whether you want to begin in a small Cessna (probably wise) or take a chance on something bigger and bulkier is entirely up to you.

Many good simulations have been adapted to provide a real-world feeling, with charts and runways from around the globe – just like the real thing! So your passion or your love for flying can be a reality.

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