Friday, May 4, 2012

PvP Is Hard…What’s New?

Hey guys – I wanted to write a little bit about PvP today because it doesn't come up often around here. We all love World of Warcraft, but the majority of us never set our eyes on the PvP content because it's so hard, we need to dedicate so much time to it, and let's face it, at least in a raid, you only lose a set number of times before you pull out a victory.

So, it's not surprising that there are so many people who scoff at PvP, even when a guide or website comes out that offers to help make the whole ordeal a little easier. This time around, that boost is in the form of PvP Ownage and it's only available through Terrance's website at AFFILIATE LINK. I have only been peeking through the guide now for a few days and haven't read nearly everything in there (we're talking hundreds of pages!), but the results I've seen are already impressive.

Basically, here's what happens. No guide can show you how to win every match. It's like Karate. You can learn Karate, but when you step into the ring, you still need to make the right moves and be stronger than your opponent. In World of Warcraft, the same is true. You can read the guide, but if you don't take Terrance's lessons to heart, you'll never hit the high water point you're aiming for – the pinnacle of the arenas and battlegrounds.

So, he starts with basics, then goes through every class in the game, complete with talent trees, masteries, ability breakdowns and step by step shot rotations for every potential opponent – that means 100 rotation strategies. That's just the start though. Soon enough you'll turn to the Arena and the various strategies that can get you through the content there, plus step by step walkthroughs of each battleground and outdoor PvP zone.

In short, if you want to be good in World of Warcraft, this is the content you should be reading for PvP. Check it out here.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for this product and receive a commission for sales made.


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