Friday, May 4, 2012

Want to Be a Photographer? Want to Actually Do Well At It?

I had this dream when I was a little kid that I could grow up and take pictures of big trees and rocks and make a living doing it. I suppose it was nice of my teachers and parents to foster those ambitions – that's what you're supposed to do for a 7 year old right? But, a few years later and I'm probably not going to make that happen. I've come to terms with that, but then I ran across the new guide from .

Malcom is a pro photographer who makes a living from home and has decided to share his ambitions and his successes with anyone willing to listen and to shell out a few dollars. I did the latter and started in on the former and was mighty pleased by what I found.

Photo Cash Machine at a Glance

The system Malcom proposes is to provide anyone with the tools and knowledge they need to start making money as photographers full time on their own. That means your own hours and no boss but a whole lot of responsibility to go with it. I was down for that and kept on reading.

The guide then goes into quite a few of the basics behind photography – good stuff that a lot of people could use a refresher on. He tells you what you need and what you can take photos of (he even mentions not to take photos of military installations – lest ye be detained). He then goes on to describe different aspects of photo composition and finally how to put it all together and make a few bucks.

For someone who's owned a big hefty camera for a few years, I was quite pleased to see he knew what he was talking about and when I got to the money making part was ready for some great big secret.

What I found was even better as Malcolm walks you through the ins and outs of everything you need to know about turning a profit with your camera, from the small things with microstock to the big things with selling off framed photos at a gallery or local show.

In the end, Malcolm proved to me that he knew exactly what he was doing. I fullheartedly recommend his guide as a way to start making money as a photographer yourself and hope you have the greatest of successes.


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