Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sinus Infection Treatment

Having a sinus infection can be a painful experience for almost everyone who has suffered from it. The pain can be severe to the extent of causing disruptions in day-to-day lives of individuals. However, sinus infection treatment can be used to ease the pain.

The root cause behind a sinus infection is an inflammation of the cavities, known as sinuses, present near the nose. These sinuses play the role of evacuating mucus from the nose. However, due to an inflammation of the sinuses, the mucus is trapped inside causing blockages in the nasal membrane. this causes pain and is known as sinusitis.

The symptoms of a sinus infection are pressure around the nose, a tenderness around the eyes and nose, pain in the jaws, headache, and a thick yellow discharge from the nose. These are often accompanied by an earache. Sinuses are present in pairs and there exist four pairs of sinuses. The symptoms and the corresponding treatment are dependent on the sinus area affected.

Thus, while a pain experienced while lowering the head is a symptom of frontal sinusitis, a pain experienced while the head is in the upright position is a sign of maxillary sinusitis. Similarly, while a pain in the lower part of the nose and around the inner corners of the eyes is a symptom of ethmoid sinusitis, a pain experienced while bending forward or lying backwards is a sign of sphenoid sinusitis.

The sinus infection treatment may include antibiotics and prescription drugs. Decongestants and nasal sprays may also be used. But all these have side-effects and are habit forming. In contrast, home remedies for treating sinusitis are natural and free from any side-effects.

Perhaps the easiest sinus infection treatment is to increase the humidity content in the surroundings. This is so because sinus blockages get aggravated due to dry air. This can be achieved by boiling water and sitting in front of it. The water vapors increase the humidity.

Other sinus infection treatments include inhaling steam from a vaporizer, including steam of eucalyptus oil; drinking warm fluids; eating jalapeٌo peppers and applying a paste of ginger mixed with water.

If these sinus infection treatments do not relieve the pain, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately.

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