Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three Tips for Battleground Domination

Battlegrounds are a tricky subject in World of Warcraft PvP. From the start there have been players who focused solely on BGs and have memorized every possible way to be successful in this content. So, for newbies, getting into the swing of things is downright hard. But, if you are intelligent and carefully layout your plans, it is possible to get a jumpstart on your opponents, even if they have been doing it for many years.

1. Be Willing to Change Position

If you think you're a great flag carrier in WG or Twin Peaks, but your team thinks otherwise, don't be a jerk about it. Maybe you are the best, but arguing and throwing a fit about being moved isn't going to give you your preferred spot. It will likely just annoy your teammates and get you kicked from future matches. Not only that, but rotating through different positions in a BG will help you to better understand what you can do.

2. Choose a Leader and Stick with Them

Every BG team should have a single leader who is responsible for calling plays. Every sports team has a coach and a captain – people who are better at seeing the entire field and making calls that a single player may not be able to do. It may seem like one person is "better" than you, but that's not necessarily the case. It just means they have the skills needed to make good calls on the field and keep everyone safe and sound until the end of the match. This is tougher in PUGs, but it's still good for one of the players out there to step up and take control, even if it's you.

3. Practice!

Get out there and run those BGs over and over again. Some of the older BGs like AB and AV have been run by some players hundreds of times. That means they are much more skilled and familiar with the strategies used by opponents. Only practice will ever help you start to catch up to them.

Battlegrounds are like carefully run games of chess. You need to react fast for sure, but also correctly. Don't just assume you'll be able to overcome your opponent every step of the way without having a good chunk of solid strategy on your side. So, if you're interested in being the next big guru in PvP, get out there and start learning.


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