Friday, May 4, 2012

So has anyone else had as much trouble finding good quality evonyguides?

It seems to me that evonyguides are built by a lot of people that don't even care about the actual results that their guides give you. I struggled for a long time trying to learn on my own how to build a good city and build it fast. How to build prestige, attack and defend well. Sure my alliance gave me lots of tips, but all those questions could have been answered a lot easier than my asking each and every one of them. I set out to search for evonyguides that would offer me what I really needed. There are lots of forums that give you information but none of them are very organized. You seriously need to read through a lot of forums to gain the information that you need. I found one guide that was a little over 30 pages and another over 90 pages. I decided to weigh the options on what the better value should be. Obviously, I chose the one with over 90 pages. The guide was more than I was looking for actually.

Evonyguides offers more information and images for teaching the new to the game person than they really need. In fact, the best part of evonyguides is that it can take a newbie to a pro in no time at all. The part in the evonyguides that I like the most are the over 100 step by step instructions on building a first new city on a new server. It is amazing how fast you can actually grow your city. There are over 70 quick tips that need to be read first before you start a new server. (that is, if you are new to the game) There are great areas in the evonyguides that teach you how to take down another city, how to build an ultimate hero or even just building npcs.

So after searching for evonyguides online, I found was more than enough for the newbie or the experienced player. To tell you the truth, I use it daily. This evonyguides worth owning because of all the information you get and how it is explained to you to learn how to play. If you're looking for evonyguides online, I recommend that you look into


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