Friday, May 4, 2012

Which Animals Are You Trading in Zoo World?

Animals in Zoo World are incredibly popular with many different options. There are more than 150 different species you can collect – with some of them acquired with cash, others with wildlife points, and others still only available by trading with your friends. It is this last set that causes the most problems for many people. It requires that you spend time and energy developing a long term strategy for obtaining all the unlimited trading animals – by getting as many friends as possible as early as possible.
Getting More Friends
Step one is to go out and find more friends on which to build your animal empire. You need people on your side who you can trade with for their unlimited animals. You should start out with a low level player that you have on your friend list, because you can pretty much guarantee they only have one unlimited animal too. Eventually when you have 4 or 5 of the hard to snag tradable, you can start looking for higher level players who have not gotten them all yet.
Which Animals to Obtain
The list of unlimited animals consists almost entirely of commons, but you can't get them any other way than to trade for them. Luckily, you have one to start the game and will be able to trade it as many times as you want, even if you have already traded it a few times. So, get out there and start looking for the animals that are on the list. There are about 25 of them and they each will come from only one player, until you can obtain them all.
Speeding Up the Process
To speed up the process, find players willing to become your friend only to trade for unlimited animals. By going to the Rock You! forums you can find a nice collection of players who are willing to swap their own hard earned unlimited animals for yours.
If you get your unlimited animals early in the game, you can save cash and a whole lot of time, and most people will gladly trade you for whatever unlimited animals you have. There are only so many to choose from, and even if you only have one, you will undoubtedly have leverage when it comes time to start spreading the wealth and building your collection.

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