Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrill of Flying in Flight Simulator Games

Flight Simulator GameFlight Simulator Games are computer software packages designed to create an aircraft cockpit in your personal computer to give you a heady sensation of flying in the sky sitting in the comforts of your home.

Being available on your PC, you become a pilot maneuvering your aircraft in the sky with your keyboard to give you unbound joy.

Flight simulator games are available in basic and advanced types, engaging you in trial and error to learn how to use the instruments and manage an aircraft in flight.

Today these games can be downloaded free on home PC or cell phones.

The following are some of the flight simulator games available on the Internet for free download to play and enjoy.

* Flight Pro Sim: A great game with realistic graphics, options galore and true-to-life sound effects.

* Mobile Flight Simulator: An awesome game that runs on Java-enabled cell phone screens, giving a choice of aircrafts from the Cessna C172 to the F-16 Falcon.

* Google Earth Flight Simulator: With its graphic textures and panoramic view of the realistic landscape, you can fly 300 feet above the earth and tour various parts of the world.

* Google Flight Simulator: A simple but exciting flight simulator game that allows you to fly over satellite Google Maps, with a choice to select your starting position from London or Sydney.

* Flight Gear Simulator: This free flight simulator games pack a lot of features like flight dynamics and environmental modeling.

However, this requires a high-end computer to perform well.

* WWII Air Combat Simulator: A high fidelity game to engage in head-to-head air combat with fighter planes in Web War scenarios.

* Space Flight Simulator: An absorbing game to blast you into space for a rendezvous with International Space Station or board the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour of the Solar System.

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