Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Transform Your Images Into ‘Wordy’ Masterpieces

Sometimes a picture alone is not quite worth a thousand words. When it is you want to convey a certain emotion or feeling, sometimes you have to go the next step. Sometimes it might be that the background theme needs to be highlighted by more than just brightness and sometimes even the focal point of your image might need a little boost.

In these cases nothing can punch up you picture better than a few well chosen words. How about a quirky caption, a thoughtful banner, or even your signature? Just about anything that adds to the importance or symbolism of the picture and the context you want to present it in can change the way it is viewed by others.

However, many photographers and editors have shied away from 'tagging' their images for years. This has come from the fear turning an art piece into nothing more than a tacky caricature, by the simple addition of a not-so-impressive effect, detracting from the picture's overall value.

The Photoshop revolution in the past few years has helped to change the thinking of these cynics by offering a vast selection of features previously unseen in more conventional digital photography editing programs.

Photoshop software not only allows you to caption your image, but also blend the text in, so that instead of standing out as a obvious addition to your picture, it can softly blend in as part of the frame.

Photoshop uses a technique called Anti-Aliasing to do this. This method consists of smoothing the edges of the text typed, by partially filling in the pixels along the edges.

You can even choose how vivid the effect of this technique appears by modifying the text options. Adjusting settings toward 'strong' will make your text appear heavier, to 'sharp' will make the letters more prominent. The possibilities are endless.

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