Friday, May 11, 2012

Various Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Allergies, cold and viral infections are very common. Sinusitis is something that succeeds all these. We have four air filled sinus cavities in our cranium which are connected to nasal passage. Sinusitis is a result of mucous accumulation or blockage in the sinus cavities. Symptoms of sinus infection can vary from mild headaches to severe facial pain and swelling. Sinus infection normally follows a viral one because viral infections cause the sinus membrane to swell.

Though a sinus infection appears to be a normal cold, it is much more than that. A sinus infection can last from two to three weeks to a period of over three months if it becomes chronic. Pus filled nasal discharge, facial tenderness, cough and cold are other common symptoms of sinus infection.

Though sinusitis is fairly easy to detect medical tests like a CT scan are also used at times to confirm the disease. Very few patients start running a temperature which is one of the very rare symptoms of sinus infection. Swelling around the eyes may be visible at times. Redness in the nasal passage also indicates sinusitis.

Most people think that the beginning of a sinus infection is just another normal cold. They try curing it with over the counter medicines. Only when there is no relief, do they realize that it is much more than a common cold. Nausea, upset stomach and fatigue are also symptoms of sinus infection.

Sleeping with an open mouth is another common problem associated with people who suffer from sinus. The nasal passage becomes totally choked therefore a simple task like breathing also becomes a mammoth. A person who suffers from sinus also complains of a disrupted sense of taste and smell. They also have a bad breath. People with sinusitis can also taste their bad breath at times which is very irritating.

Sinusitis is not a rare disease. It is a very common ailment. Though it is fairly easy to cure this disease with medication, there have been extreme cases of chronic sinus infection where people have undergone surgery. It is recommended that a person starts taking relevant medication from the time symptoms of sinus infection are observed.

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